Zig-Zag Weaved Place Mat

To make this zig-zag weaved place mat, follow Part A and Part B instructions for a weaved mat.

Part A: click here

Part B: click here

Part C: Zig-Zag Weaved Place Mat

Use the strips of colored paper made in Part B to weave into the slotted paper made in Part A.

Weave the strips up & down through two slots at a time: two slots up, two slots down.

On the next strip, weave the first slot down, and weave the next two slots up, then two slots down. Continue "two up, two down" across the row.

On the third row, weave two slots down, then two slots up. Continue across the row. Soon the zig-zag pattern will emerge. use teh pattern to determine which slots should be weaved up or down. Go back and correct weaves if necessary.

When the white sheet is filled with weaved strips, flip over the weaved mat. Fold the protruding strip-ends to make them flush with the white page. Use tape or glue to secure the ends in place.

Turn over again and voila! You're done. Try other variations; what happens if you weave two up and one down?