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Napkin Rose


Origami Rose by Evi Binzinger

Origami Rose

Origami Rose

3d 3petals flower

Rose with Leaves

Spiral Flower

New Version Tulip

Six Petals Flower

Seven Petals Flower

Desert Flower

Flowers, Dragonflies, Butterflies

2 Tulip 1 New Flower

Cosmos Origami

Money Agave

Six Petal Flower

Pop Up Flower



Flô di chuvê

Flor de Loto (bicolor)

My Flower

New Flower

Double-Leaf Ornament

Eight Petal Flower

Revealed II Star Flower

Iris Flowers

Flower Photo Frame

Origami Lilies

New Flower II

New Flower III

Origami Roses

New Tulip 8 Petal

New Tulip 16 Petal

Flower Pot

Flower Basket

Family of Vases

Rainbow Vase

Gold Vase

Christmas Cards

Xmas Tree

Origami Tree


Golden Dream



Origami Polyhedron

Origami Ball


Snapology Egg


Ant Lion's Nest

Star Ball

Gyroscope Octahedron

Gyroscope Cuboctahedron

Penultimate Dodecahedron

Various Polyhedra

Spiked Icosahedron

Sea Urchin


Modular Origami

5 Intersecting Tetrahedra

$Origami Compound of 5 Tetrahedra

8 intersecting planes

Black & White

Wonder Kusudama

1st Kusudama Flower Ball

2nd Kusudama Flower Ball


Bast Star Ball

Little Turtle Dodecahedron

Vann's Cuboctahedron


Origami Modular

Chain or Linked Squares

Triangular Dipyramid Polyhedron


Pyramid Box

Pyramid (pentahedra)

Origami Model

Octahedral Polyhedron


Pentagonal Hassock

Origami Tower

Modular Origami

Tera Crystal Cube

Hilbert Cube

Menger Sponge (Level 1)

Menger Sponge (level 1)

Menger Sponge (level 2)

Sponge Menger (level 2)

Menger Sponge (Level 2 & 3)

Mosely Snowflake Sponge Fractal (Level 2)

Mosely Snowflake Sponge Fractal (Level 3)

Jerusalem Cube Fractal (Level 1)


Saar Stars

Star Box

Bast Star

Origami Pentagonal Spinning Star

8-Pointed Star

Modular Ring

Origami by M



Jar of Stars

Shooting Star

Modular Origami

Octogonal Star Variation

Decagonal Star

Decagonal Star Back

Decagonal Star I

Eneagonal Star

Heptagonal Star


2010 Origami Calendars

Shuriken Origami


8 Point Star


Abstract Bird

Mini Crane


Aguia - Eagel


1st Modular Swan

Golden Venture Swan

1st 3D Swan

Stephen's Owl

Two Big Owls

3D Swan

Black Swan



Small Hearts

Origami Mobile

Lovely Art

Senbazuru Ring

3D Small Swan



Paper Peacock

3D Peacock with 3 Tail Feathers

5 Feather Peacock

Origami 3D

3D Peacock

Big 3D Swans

Canada 150th Year Swans

Swan Meeting

GV Swans with Spiral Design

Origami Right Triangle Bird

Origami Ostrich

Canada 150th Anniversary

Origami - Wingull - Pokemon

Flying Goose


Bird on a Mat

Flapping Crane

Rainbow of Love

Easy Dove


Dollar Bill Dove



Toucan Bird

Mandarin Duck

Fire Bird

Hundreds Animals

Origami Animals


Flat Origami






Orange Cat





2 $Elephants

Carabao / water buffalo












origami tiger
3D Origami Tiger

origami tiger
3D Origami Tiger 2

3D Rabbits



Paper Bill Origami: Rabbit

Funny Bunny

Origami Tiny Rabbit



Origami Dragon

Four Legs Dragon


My Dragon

Ancient Dragon

Let there be Dragons!

Three Dollar Eastern Dragon

European-style Dragon

Baby Dragon



Dinosaur Migration

3D Silver & Purple Chinese Dragon

3D Red Dragon

Twisty Dragon

Dinosaurs or Dragons






Dinosaur & Animals

Prehistoric Animals



3D Dinosaur



Animals 3

Other Animals

T Rex

Stegosaurus Stenops

Puppet Kirigami

origami tiger
Money Fox

origami tiger
Money Elephant


Tropical Fishes

Waterbomb Fish

Cobra Family


Snake Head Puppet


Acrobatic Frog


Crocodilo - Crocodile





Sea Turtle


Green Scorpion

Big Scorpion

Butterfly 2

Origami Stylized Butterfly

Twin Butterflies

1/64th Size Butterflies

Butterfly Jasmine / White Ginger

Big and Small 3D Butterflies

Paper Bill Origami Butterfly with big wings


Money Butterfly

Money Butterfly with Wings

Alien Bug

Colourful Tarantula


Black Spider

Samurai Helmet Beetle

Stag Beetle

Samurai Helmet Beetle


3D Dragonfly



Lady in Gown

Angel with Hood


Boy and Girl

Origami Zahhak

Modular Doll

Master Yoda

Torimoto Robot

3D Origami Minion

Origami Simurgh

The Yellow Bird


Man Sandwich Board

Deadalus & Icaruss

Kids on a Seesaw

pokemon origami
Pokemon Characters

pokemon origami

pokemon origami
Togepi and Torchic

pokemon origami
Pokemon Kids

pokemon origami
Charizard Pokemon

origami Pikachu
Big Pikachu

Marill Pokemon
Big Marill Pokemon

Torchic Pokemon
Big Torchic Pokemon

Mudkip Pokemon
Mudkip Pokemon



Small Box

Bowl: 2 Variations

Oriental Flower Pot

Jewelry Box

Gift Box


Gift Box

Box 2


$ Baskets

Pair of Box Cranes

Pentagonal Box

Pentagonal Box I

Hexagonal Box

Hexagonal Box I

Hexagonal Box with Frame

Hexagonal Box - Self Closing

Hexagonal Box Variation

Heptagonal Box I

Heptagonal Box

Octagonal Box

Octagonal Box - Self Closing

Eneagonal Box

Decagonal Box

Decagonal Box with Lid

Gift Box

Geneva Box

Crane Box

Lovebirds Box

Spiral Giftbox

Origami Horse Earrings

Literary Leaf Earrings

Andrea's Rose

Flower Set

Origami Earring Webstore

Origami Earrings

Origami Butterfly Bracelet

Neogami Origami Jewelery

Winged Boat

F-Zero Blue Falcon

F-22 Raptor

F-18 Hornet fighter

F22 Raptor Fighter

Origami X-Wing

Paper Plane 1

High Tech Plane

Jet Plane

Paper Plane 2

Mini-Jet Paper Airplane



f18 jet

Airplane Model 2

Red Baron Tri-Wing Plane

Fire Truck with movable parts

Water Bike

Tron Legacy Light Cycle

$ Origami

Barco à vela/Sailboat


Space Ship


Kirigami Chair

OA Greeting Cards

Christmas Greetings

Wedding Invitations

Commercial & Advertising

Business Card Holder

Business Card Holder Instructions

Desktop Picture Frame


Letter Envelope


CD Case for 2 CDs

Pencil Holder Pencil

Pencil Holder / Foto Frame

Octagonal Tato

Coaster (octagon)



Tato 2

Flower Tato

Venetian Villas and French Chateau

Monuments of Padua, Italy

Monuments of Milan, Italy

Monuments of Venice, Italy

Monuments of Rome, Italy

Medieval Castles

British Cathedrals

Tennis Club & Hotels

Origami Great Cyrus tomb

Origami Bull Capital

Origami Griffin Capital


Tribute to The Twin Towers

The $2.50 Pyramid

Origami Luster

Flat Luster


Crane Hat

Pocket For My Pocket

Baseball Cap

Samurai Helmet

Origami crown and scepter

$ Coat & Tie

Origami Tessellation

Pinwheel Tessellation

Stardream Multi Color

Blue Spiral #1

Simple Origami Bookmark

Home Scenery

Fantastic Origami Art

Damavand Volcano


Origami Cross bookmarks$Cross With Inscription

Jesus in the Cross

$Cross With Inscription

Don't Tread on Me!!

Resident evil-Umbrella corporation emblem




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origami tiny rabbit 
this is tiny rabbit folded whit square paper 40gms folded by farshid sobhani insta:origamisobhani insta:origami_oriran telegram:@oriran …

Origami Bull Capital 
This is a model of ancient persia-pesepolitian column with double headed bull capital. This pattern all diagramed and designed by me. It's took three …

Origami Great Cyrus tomb 
This is a model of great Cyrus tomb. This pattern all diagrammed and designed by me. It's took one month to design this diagram. It's made by rectangle …

Three Dollar Eastern Dragon 
Modular. Made from three one dollar bills.


120 unit Icosidodecahedron 
This origami is filled with 9 paper cranes, so that the total number of pieces of paper used (129) matches the death toll of the 11/13/15 attacks in Paris. …

4 Different Box Cranes 
Added two more different box cranes to the two I already posted earlier. The orange 2-crane box holds the most amount of items, but the cranes are a lot …

origami new tulip 8 petal 
Blintz fold tulip fold diagram new version in tulip

This is my first original origami creation for 2015. Happy New Year to all! You can see all of my origami models at …

Business Card Holder 
I searched for a Business Card Holder and found one by Romie Halabaso that would suit my needs. But, alas, there were no instructions and frequent attempts …

Winged Boat 
This is a winged boat that I designed for a high school project. 5 stars if you like it!

Master Yoda  
Master Yoda Green =)) I like this model)

Cosmos Origami 
Heptagonal Paper Editor's Note: More origami flowers here .

Hexagonal Box Variation 
Self Closed Variation Paper Size 7:4 (49x28) Box Size 2:1 (16:8)

Hexagonal Box with frame 
3x Square paper Size 15x15 Inspiration Masu Box

Hexagonal Box 
2x Square Paper Size 15x15 Inspiration Shuzo Fijimoto Twist Box

Octogonal Star Variation 
Inspiration (Extra Twinkles) Fuse's Star

Pentagonal Box I 
Self Closing Paper 15x15

Pentagonal Box 
Paper 2:1 (26x13)

Decagonal Box with Lid 
Decagonal Box Square paper size 25x25 Lid Rectangular paper size 2:1(26x13) Inspiration Shuzo Fujimoto

Decagonal Box 
Paper 15x15

Heptagonal Star 
Modular Heptagonal Star

Decagonal Star I 
Modular Decagonal Star

Wonder Kusudama 
Made with 1:2 rectangular paper (3.75 cm x 3.75 cm). Module compound. 60 papers in all. Designed by Lidiane by Siqueira Teresina / Brazil

Decagonal Star (back) 
back decagonal Star

Decagonal Star 
Modular decagonal star

A model that took me three weeks to design. It starts with a bird base.

Black Swan 
You can find more models on youtube: or facebook:

Purple Swan (3D ORIGAMI) 
You can find more models on youtube: or facebook:

Kawasaki Rose

Fire Truck with movable parts 
Origami Fire Truck Folded from many rectangles of Paper, Cardstock, and Poster Board – NO GLUE The steering when turns the wheels left and right. The …

origami 3d 
happy origami

Lovely Art 
I used to buy books to learn & sometimes only imaginations

Crane Hat 
This hat was originally created for Cinco da Mayo with tiny paper cranes surrounding the brim and is worn by a large paper crane.

8 intersecting planes 
Reference: Ornamental Origami: Exploring 3D Geometric Designs book by Meenakshi Mukerji Take a look at my blog for other modules: …

Origami Architecture Greeting Cards 
I make Origami Architecture greeting cards of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington DC architecture. in addition I make Just for Fun, Christmas and …

origami by M 
I love it

Ancient Dragon 
This is Satoshi Kamiya's Ancient Dragon. I used a 50X50 cm sheet. (Kurotani #16). I hope that you'll enjoy it! ~(^_^)~

Origami cobra family  
Demons were often regarded as the evil of darkness. This will change in my classic love story about a female demon snake 'Susu' who fell in love with a …

I begin to quill with some friends That I lot contact for many years Just recent I receive their letter with some instructions how to quill? so Learn …

the f118 jet 
this paper plane took some time to make but came out great

Flat Luster 
Origami Flat Luster Design and folded by Mohsen Moossavi zadeh

Origami Hat

Lovebirds Box 
I made this model starting from a waterbomb base. To see more of my original origami creations, visit my origami blog at …

It's my own design made of strips (2012)

Golden Dream 
It's my own design made of 24 modules (June 2012)

Monuments of Padua, Italy 
Our POP-UP CARDS are an Elegant and Refined article, Ideal for every occasion, Unique of its kind thanks to the original Tridimensionality. The study …

flower photo frame 
It my own work. make it with 8 paper of different colour half birdbase.

Click here to write your own.

dinosaurus and some animals 
this is a example of my work and creativity in origami I hope you like it

Don't tread on me!! 
dollar bill origami making a statement

My first 3d swan origami 
I would like to thank the maker of this website. Because of this I able to make my first 3D Origami all by myself. The instructions are clear and easy. …

Giant Checkers Set 
This is my giant origami checkers set. The entire board is an entire 64-piece modular set. The individual checker pieces were made from double-sided paper. …

This is my second origami project, I wanted to do something more difficult, I hope you like it! Garazi Muguruza from Spain :)

TARDIS Crease Pattern 
I've spent a good deal of time musing over the shape of the trademark TARDIS in the BBC's classic sci-fi series, "Doctor Who." This is a crease pattern …

hi its my wonderful beautiful dog

3D Swan visit my page for more 3D origami :) comment, favourite and share :)

Abstract Bird 
Found in Foilrigami , by Mark J. Medvene, 1969

Águia/Fénix // Eagle/Pheonix 
Criei esse modelo tendo como inspiração o origami de Mario Adrados Netto "Dama" Essa águia com umas simples modificações na cauda torna-se numa Fénix! …

Flower Pot 
paper art. See my blog:

Origami Swans 
paper art. See my blog:

Caça F-22 raptor Fighter 
Esse é um F-22 raptor, um dos melhores caças do mundo! This is f-22 raptor, one of the best fighters of the world!

Moto de água - A water bike 
Uma moto de água feita a partir de um recângulo A water bike made from a rectangle

Sea Urchin 
i have learned it from web. need 24 paper for upper part and 24 paper second color paper for lower part.

New Six Petal Flower 
I have created a new six petal flower with hexagon basic hope you like this one.

Stag Beetle 
I hope you like it. To view more of my original origami creations, visit

Origami crown and scepter (Holy Ghost festivals Azores) 
This a crown and scepter of the Holy Ghost festivals in Azores Coroa e ceptro das do Espirito Santo dos Açores

I hope you like it, and if you do, I invite you to visit my origami blog to see more of my original creations.

Funny bunny 

Dollar Bill - Origami Compound of Five Tetrahedra 
This is my second attempt at this model. Really pleased with the way this one has turned out. The points and folding is a lot crisper than the first one …

1st Modular Swan 
My first attempt at a modular model. Enjoy.

8 point star 
designing with 8 rectangular sheet

My Mini-Jet paper airplane 
This paper airplane measures nose to tail 5.5 inches and has a wingspan of 2-3/4 inches. Flies really great. Straight and long flights.

Paper Plane 2 
I would like to collaborate with someone knowledgeable in diagramming origami for my paper plane designs. I can make 'em, but don't really know enough …

Click here to write your own.

I can make more than 90 different origami figurines if you are interested to see my artwork email me at

2 Elephants 
If you are interested to see all my origami email me at i have more than 90 different ones

I have more than 90 origami figurines, I have a lot of pictures of my origami on facebook if you are interested to see my artwork email me at …

this cat is unique

Pop Up Flower 
This pop up kirigami flower. It's my job.

Rainbow of Love 
This hanging design was given to someone who is ill as a present.

New design paper plane 
The photo is of one of my new design paper airplanes. I have many interesting designs that really fly well.

Jar of Stars-RW&B 
After learning about the Wishing Star model, I emptied a plastic peanut butter jar and filled it with a large batch of stars. Since traditional models …

Modular Ring 
Designed this ring with 18 square of paper.

Modular Origami 
Designing this modular ring with 8 rectangular sheet of paper size a5 a6

Revealed II Star Flower 
I have revealed ball of origami. And I have new idea to make this.

Eric Joisle's Rat, folded from one piece of square foil paper. Diagrams available from

This butterfly model is folded using a thin rectangular paper with the two sides having different colors. The effect of using this kind of paper can be …

Samurai Helmet Beetle (V.2A) 
I designed this Samurai Helmet Beetle. It is folded from one piece of paper, with the same color on both sides. It took me about 20 minutes to finish folding …

I have learned from the origami book and make this sun.

Eight Petal flower 
New Eight petal flower created by me.

A New Flower 
This flower is one of the first origami models I have made, but I am very proud of it. I have just started to learn origami from the internet and make …

Origami roses.

This is a very simple owl model. I folded this starting with a preliminary base.

Octagonal Tato 
This octagonal tato model is folded from a square paper, no cutting. The double pinwheel folds closes the tato firmly.

This coaster model is folded from one single square paper. No cutting.

This is a buckyball made of 60 units.

Been designing this model with 4 sheet of paper.

It's a pegasus in the Works of Satoshi Kamiya.

The Yellow Bird 
I folded this model by the Works of Satoshi Kamiya book. This is the chocobo in the Final fantasy series. The type of the paper is wax paper and a size …

3 Piece Spinning Top 
I used 3 pieces of 12 inch scrap-booking paper. The center piece has a small tear due to the stress on the paper. It really spins.

Origami Ball 
I made this model with 30 rectangular sheets of paper. Size of rectangle paper is 3.4 from square paper with double rabbit ear fold. Unit is the same …

Sorry it's on white paper. I didn't have any grey or black so use your imagination.

Andrea´s Roses 
Andrea´s Rose folded form chyiogami Japanese paper with silver plated components and glass beads of Czech origin.

Hilbert Cube 
A topological space named Hilbert Cube (a German mathematician) I made this model with business card units.

Origami Lilies 
I have made these simple and colorful lilies for decoration.

Origami Tower 
I made this origami model with 195 sonobe units. It has a pentagonal base.

Origami Rose by Evi Binzinger 
My rose folded with soft, handmade paper from India. I used one uncut square for the flower.

Origami Rose 
My rose, folded with soft, handmade paper from Thailand.

A simple model of a hummingbird. How to fold the head was very challenging. The beak is folded such that it shows the other side of the paper, thus enhancing …

Origami Modular 
I made this modular origami with 216 sonobe unit! It is like a triangular pyramid.

Tron Legacy Light Cycle 
I made this model for the movie Tron Legacy. I invented the Light Cycle but the guy is from here: I have …

Bird on a Mat 
This model is folded from a single sheet of square paper, starting with the bird base. The procedure is the same as the folding of the grass model that …

Shuriken Origami 
I created this ninja star with 4 triangular sheet of paper from a4 rectangle paper. Sending diagram for everybody soon.

This is an attempt at lotto ticket origami. The model here is made up of four units of folded lotto tickets.

A simple frog, with rear legs

Golden Venture Swan 
This was my first attempt at Golden Venture folding and I am reasonably impressed. Started in my physics lesson this morning :) finished by eleven at night. …

Airplane: model 2 
This is another airplane model folded out of a 50-peso Philippine money bill.

Iso butane CH-CH3-CH3-CH3 (C4H10) 
With Tornillo units, you can make chemical molecules. I invented a connection unit so you do not need glue. (red=carbon blue=hydrogen) butane= CH3-CH2-CH2-CH3 …

F-Zero Blue Falcon 
It's the famous Blue Falcon in the video game series F-Zero. I folded it with a regular square sheet. No cuts, no glue. 5 stars if you like the anti …

I made this model of a star. This unit origami was designed by Winson Chan

Stephen's Owl 
535 venture folded units are used in this model. Unlike most venture unit models the use of additional stick-on eyes and ears were not used. The color …

Pyramid Box 
Origami Pyramid Box folded from one sheet of paper by Evi Binzinger. Crease Pattern available here .

Star Box 
Star Box created and folded by Evi Binzinger from a single square piece of paper, no glue, no cuts. Paper: gold washi paper

Click here to write your own.

Triangular Dipyramid Polyhedron 
I made this polyhedron with 165 Sonobe units.

I folded this model for an exhibition. Model created by Jerry Harris, diagram found here .

Hexane CH3(CH2)4 CH3 
I folded this hexane model with Tornillo units. CH3-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH3

Octahedral Polyhedron 
I made this model with Tornillo unit and made connection unit by myself. No glue used. ** Note from Editor: the units used to make this model was originally …

Saar Stars from Pentagons 
Large Saar Star is from tissue foil. Small one from silver paper, set in center of larger one.

Flat Origami 
I folded this model from an equilateral triangle.

F-22 Raptor 
I folded this model by the origami tanteidan convention 13 Enjoy it!

A Few Hundred 
A few hundred origami models including Rabbits, Swans, Kangaroos, Dinosaurs, Lions, Giraffes, Ducks and a few others.

Sea Turtle 
This sea turtle is from Robert Lang's Origami Design Secrets . I have not yet found a suitable paper to make a perfect turtle.

I was actually just testing out my digital camera to see how great the quality was and I ended up really liking this picture of this geogami model. It …

Origami butterfly bracelet 
I love this overstated origami butterfly bracelet! I enjoy making one of a kind origami jewelry pieces. This happens to be one of my favorites.

It's a robot designed by Norio Torimoto. I designed the pincer and the sword.

Origami Dragon 
This is an origami dragon. The folding near the end is a bit complex. I like to share my photos with everyone. Instructions for more origami dragons here …

Fire Bird 
It is paper graphic type of quilling art. See quilling instructions here

Origami Polyhedron 
I folded this work in July, 2010 with 720 tornillo units. It is like a snub dodecahedron. ** Note from Editor: the units used to make this model was …

Rainbow Vase 
This is a Rainbow Vase. First made in July, 2007. See more about this type of origami here . This book has lots of good ideas or learn to make the …

Origami X-wing 
I made this origami X-wing the day after an exam. Folding its wings is a little difficult but it was a great fun anyway. It didn't take much time to complete …

Origami Flowers 
These Origami flowers are simple & easy to fold. The small box was made especially for the flowers to stay in place. See some free online origami flowers …

Bast Star Ball 
Twelve interlocking Bast Star's are used to create this original 3D model

Bast Star 
Original origami star created by Charles Bast using a dollar bill no cuts self locking, the Bast Star is the base for the Bast Star Ball. Contact me at …

European-style Dragon 
This European-style dragon is made from a double bird base. The head, wings, and tail are formed from the original bird base; the legs are formed from …

samurai helmet beetle 
This model is folded starting with a waterbomb base. You can also find this and my other original origami models in

Mandarin Duck 
This model is folded starting with a blitzed waterbomb base.

Paper Bill Origami: Rabbit 
This origami is folded out of a 20-peso bill.

Menger Sponge (level 2) 
I made this model of menger sponge cube with 1152 sonobe units. It is better to make this model with business card or thick paper. Soft paper is not …

Click here to write your own.

Family Vases 
I folded these vases in 2006.

Gift Box 
I folded this box two years ago.

Dollar Bill Cross With Inscription 
An original self-locking piece created by Charles Bast. I was inspired to create this and the Dollar Star after visiting the Mint in Washington D.C. The …

Dollar Bill Origami 
A motor bike very cutely designed and folded with Indian currencies. A wonderful hand work neatly arranged with all the required parts. The Indian …

Origami of "Gateway of India" 
Origami paper-craft made with currency from India. This is a representation of the "Gateway of India" which is located in south Mumbai (formally Bombay). …

Mini Crane 
This is a traditional crane that I folded, it is about a centimeter wider than a penny, and as long as a penny. it took me about 2 min. to fold. I folded …

2010 Origami Calendars 
Made these great origami calendars for 2010! Star Calendar, Pentagonal Calendar, and Dodecahedron Calendar. You can find instructions here .

Alien Bug 
The origami alien bug that I created. I made it by playing with the frog base.

Kirigami Colosseum.

I call this dog model 'Snoopy' because it resembles the popular black-eared dog from George Shulcz' comic strip 'Peanuts'.

Gift Box 
This is a modular origami model of a simple gift box, made up of only two units.

This model was folded starting with a bird base. If the four grass blades are spread flat, the model turns into a four-point star.

Letter Envelope 
This is a very simple and easy-to-fold letter envelope. It is actually more appropriately called letter 'wrapper' since you wrap your letter like a gift …

Boy and Girl 
I folded these models in October, 2008 using small triangular units. Read about Chinese Paper Folding here and learn how to make a unit here .

Various Polyhedra 
Made with 30 pieces of paper each. Read about modular origami here or get free instructions here .

butterfly jasmine/ white ginger 
Inspired by my niece (due in Dec.) Her father is Cuban and trying to find thing to add a Cuban flare to my sisters baby shower i search how to make this …

This is a simple tato model, made by first folding the paper into thirds horizontally and vertically.

Business Card Holder 
An extremely simple and easy origami. Made of thin art paper, this business card holder can hold as much as 15 cards, or even more with a little adjustment. …

Space Ship 
Space Ship made with simple triangular units. See more about this type of origami here . This book has lots of good ideas or learn to make the triangular …

5 Intersecting Tetrahedra 
I love to fold! Five Intersecting Tetrahedra (FIT) was created by Thomas Hull. It uses 30 identical units. Find diagrams and video here .

Cicada Nymph 
Made with half a square

Home Scenery 

Jesus na cruz / Jesus in the cross 
Este modelo foi criado por mim a partir de um retângulo This model was created by me from a rectangle

This model shows the two sides of the paper: the shell show the colored or printed side, while the head, feed and tail show the white or plain-colored …

Flapping Crane 
Flapping Crane

Click here to write your own.

A relatively easy-to-fold origami using a square art paper. It has a pair of folds inside connected to each other, providing support to the shell of the …

Crane Box 
This is a simple variation of the traditional star box.

This is folded from a box origami.

Origami Model 
I folded this model without diagram or instruction. There's no name for that: this is an easy model anyone can do.

Waterbomb Fish 
This is simply a variation of the waterbomb.

These small fly models are folded starting with the waterbomb base.

Togepi and Torchic Pokemon 
On a Pokemon 5th and 6th project; Togepi and Torchic. Togepi is almost 7" high and 5" wide, Torchic is 6" high. Togepi is one piece while Torchic …

Origami Xmas Tree 
These are a couple of Xmas trees I made....Beverly

Four legs dragon 
This dragon i have learn thought internet hope you like it.

Easy Dove 
This is an easy dove origami. It is completed in less than 12 folds.Looks good in two-colored paper.

This model is made of one square paper, 6" x 6". The folding starts with a bird base. No cutting involved.

Better images of Cicada Nymph Not rated yet
Better images of my Cicada Nymph model

Robin Star Not rated yet
This is designed by Maria Sinayajaya

Supersized UFO magic star  Not rated yet
It’s huge

Little rose kusudama Not rated yet
Instagram Folded by Suhail

3 Tulips, 2 twist flowers, 1 rose bowl Not rated yet
Hope you enjoy flowers!

Chaos Theory Tessellation Not rated yet
This is a tessellation that I designed and folded. It utilizes many shapes and techniques. I posted a basic crease pattern for those who wish to attempt …

mermaid Not rated yet
3500 pieces of .5 inch by .25 inch (1.27 cm X 0.635 cm) pieces of paper

Big 3D Swans Not rated yet
Used 1/8 size paper for these swans...they're huge, as big as a teapot.

Tropical fishes Not rated yet
I went on a 3D fish building craze...

Dinosaurs Not rated yet
Dragons of dinosaurs....your pick.

Orange cat Not rated yet
This orange cat looks like my orange tabby cat.

5 feather peacock Not rated yet
Hard to describe this 3D have three tail feathers but have 5 designs in them.

Big Scorpion Not rated yet
Used 1/16 size paper for this model. I put bend plastic films (Plastic juice container) inside the joints (Connections to the body) of the arms of the …

Big Owls Not rated yet
Made four of them, all with 1/8th size paper/triangles....and card stock paper as regular paper is not still enough for big models. They're about 7" tall. …

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Twisty Dragon Not rated yet
Glued it section by section and holding each section in their curve until the glue dried.

Tank Not rated yet
Almost a desert tank...yellow not tan.

Red Baron Tri-Wing Plane Not rated yet
This was a pretty big project...over 1,200 triangular pieces. The body of the plane is the size of a large corn. All the wheels and propeller spins.

Big Pikachu Pokemon Not rated yet
Use 1/16 size paper to make the big Pikachu Pokemon.

Big Marill Pokemon Not rated yet
Used 1/8 size card stock paper to make this big Marill Pokemon...regular 24 lb paper will not be as stiff (Good for 1/32 size "Triangles though"...this …

Big Torchic Pokemon Not rated yet
Did a few 1/32 size Torchic Pokemons...this one is using 1/8 size paper, it's about 8" tall, the collar feathers are 1/32 size and the beak, legs and claws …

Mudkip Pokemon Not rated yet
First try at it...came out to be pretty good. Next time I'll make a bigger head.

2nd Kusudama Flower Ball Not rated yet
Second one in a span of five days...this one consisted of 40 flowers. Used 6" x 6" double-sided colour paper (Different colours on each side) four …

1st Kusudama Flower Ball Not rated yet
Used 6" x 6" origami paper...wanted to use smaller paper but didn't have any and I didn't want to spend time reducing the size. Six pedals per flower...12 …

Origami - Wingull - Pokemon Not rated yet
I made this little guy, one pokemon bird.

Tribute to The Twin Towers Not rated yet
Nine year old Sophia started it!!! She assembled 99% of the taller cylinder and I completed it. We were trying to see how high it can go...but it was …

3D Red Dragon Not rated yet
Used Christmas wrapping paper...which is a bit thin and easy to tear. Folded the pieces (1/16 size) 3 years ago, finally decided to assemble the dragon. …

Charizard Pokemon Not rated yet
Took me over 6 hours to assemble and glue Charizard...used 710 triangular pieces. A hot glue gun was used to attach the arms, legs, wings, head and tail. …

Canada 150th Anniversary Big and Small Spread-Wings Swans Not rated yet
Made a bunch of the small spread-wings swans to be given away to my niece's teachers at the end of the school year. Made 14 of them...and as a bonus I …

Big and Small 3D Butterflies Not rated yet
The big ones are made with 1/32 size paper and the small ones are made for 1/64 size paper...much harder and challenging to fold.

Origami earrings  Not rated yet
Japanese brocade by Minako Ishibashi made into earrings using gold foil paper.

Origami pentagonal spinning star Not rated yet
origami pentagonal spinning star designed by: Masoud Hosseini on December,2017 diagrammed by: reza sarvi its made by pentagon paper. Instagram:@Masoud.origami …

Origami Simurgh Not rated yet
Simurgh is the name of a mythical-legendary Iranian figure. He plays an important role in the stories of Shahnameh. Its place is mythical mountain rug. …

Canada 150th Anniversary Swans Not rated yet
Made a couple of Red and White swans to celebrate Canada's 150th year as a united country. Not glued yet and no googly eyes...using them as models to …

origami Ostrich Not rated yet
this is origami Ostrich folded with square paper 40 gms folded by farshid sobhani insta:origamisobhani insta:origami_oriran …

F-18 Hornet fighter jet plane  Not rated yet
F-18 Hornet fighter jet plane Fold by farshid sobhani with one dollar

Money Elephant Not rated yet
Money Elephant

Money Fox  Not rated yet
Money Fox

Money Heart with Wings Not rated yet
Money Heart with Wings

Money butterfly Not rated yet
Money butterfly

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Damavand Volcano Not rated yet
Mount Damavand is the 12th most prominent peak in the world, and the second most prominent in Asia after Mount Everest. It is the highest volcanic mountain …

1st Snapology project - Egg Not rated yet
First one...took about 4 hours to complete...and I did use a bit of glue so the whole egg don't break apart. It's about 4" wide.

Origami Zahhak Not rated yet
This is a model of persian legend from Ferdowsi's Shahnameh. Zahhak was a king kissed by the devil on his shoulders and on kisses devil place two snakes …

Easter 2017 Not rated yet
Some 3D chicks, eggs and rabbits...just in time for Easter. The white rabbit is just a bit smaller than the other two.

Pokemon Kids Not rated yet
Made some small versions of some 3D Pokemon characters. Used beads for the eyes....their parents had triangular pieces for eyes.

Origami Right Triangle Bird Not rated yet
I folded and designed this pattern by myself. It's made by one uncut right triangle paper. It's took one week to design this. You can download the diagram …

Tarantula Not rated yet
Used 1/64th size paper and it still came out big. The Green Scorpion used 1/32th size paper.

Piplup Pokemon and 2 Small Owls Not rated yet
Piplup Pokemon used over 800 triangular pieces...I really like the contrasting colours. Made two small owls to accompany Piplup. The owls are slightly …

Two 1/64th size Butterflies Not rated yet
The 1/32th paper butterflies were huge...slightly bigger than my palm, so I made two smaller ones using different colour schemes and patterns.

Origami Griffin Capital Not rated yet
This is a model of ancient persia-persepolitian column with double headed Griffin Capital. This pattern all diagramed and designed by me. It's made by …

Vase of Flowers Not rated yet
Not too bad, not a single flower used a hundred triangular pieces (I avoided the rose and tulip...those 2 used over 120 pieces). 15 flowers in all and …

Roselia and Pichu Pokemons Not rated yet
Making the little roses for Roselia was almost harder than making the whole model. Really proud of Pichu's head...only a quarter-size hole at the top...I …

Pokemon Characters Not rated yet
Cleffa, PokeEgg, Marill and then Pikachu.

Green Scorpion Not rated yet
The creep crawler is over 6" long.

Golden Venture Swans with Spiral Design Not rated yet
Both have open wings with spiral designs. The orange-green one have the spirals go all the way up the wings. The neon pink-blue one have the spirals …

Twin Butterflies Not rated yet
Added a few more triangular pieces to the extras and made two butterflies.

12 Days of Christmas Not rated yet
Made 11 swans to add to my first swan over the 2016 Christmas holidays. On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me; 12 swans are singing... …

JEWELLERY BOX Not rated yet

origami tessellation Not rated yet
64 division and triangle grid and rectangle size of paper . design by me



2 Tulip 1New flower in the pot Not rated yet
2 Tulip eight petals and one new flower in the centre. three flower in the pot

origami japanese peacock Not rated yet
one paper origami peacock publish in japanese origami magzine

Flowers, Dragonflies, Butterflies, Lucky Stars and a Cat. Oh my. Not rated yet
Bouquet of flowers in 200 Lucky Stars with dragonflies and butterflies encircling it. Chester the cat dutifully watches over it. There're 4 types of …

Let there be Dragons!!! Not rated yet
Well, only one dragon...but with three heads. Took me 4 tries to get it right...first 2 were ok, 3rd was a lot better but the paper ripped a bit at some …

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Pocket For My Pocket Not rated yet
I made this attempting something else. So I saved it in my wallet for awhile to eventually reverse engineer it and share it... but one day I needed a dollar …

3D origami tiger 2 Not rated yet
tiger 2 be happy !

3d Origami Tiger Not rated yet

Money Agave Not rated yet

Money Dachsund Not rated yet
I made this little guy folding the front of a peacock on both sides of a two dollar bill.

Dollar Bill Baskets Not rated yet
I learned to fold these Easter Baskets from this YouTube video. The only improvements I made were to foll the handles to the inside of the basket and …

Abstracted Summer V Not rated yet
I love creasing, folding and forming. Here are other forms I am playing with. The middle image is fabric. When I share what I am learning with others …

Origami Cross bookmarks Not rated yet
It has been interesting visiting your site. Thank you.

High Tech paper plane 2 Not rated yet
One more of my paper airplane designs.

Cranes Not rated yet
This is my creations .I love making Origami.

Rose with leaves Not rated yet
This is made of two parts. One is the rose, folded from a 9" x 9" pink origami paper. The other is the leaves part, folded from a 4.5" x 4.5" green origami …

Pair of Box Cranes Not rated yet
6 1/2 year old Sophia helped uncle Stanley make a pair of different box cranes. The blue one have a wider base so it's more balanced, also it can hold …

3D Dragonflies Not rated yet
7 year old Sophia and uncle Stanley made 20 3D Dragonflies to be given out to her friends at her birthday party soon.

3D Small Swan Not rated yet
My 6 1/2 year old niece Sophia's first 3D model...a small neon green swan with pink edge. Sophia used 3.5 cm x 5.5 cm paper. Sophia did 75% of the work …

Origami Mobile Not rated yet
In all the years of paper folding I never bothered to do a's my first one for my niece Sophia. There's about 40 creatures: horse, zebra, …

3D Peacock with 3 Tail Feathers Not rated yet
Third 3D project. Had to throw away the first base (Body) I made because the triangular pieces were glued on slanted (My fault...costed me 88 pieces …

Penultimate Dodecahedron Not rated yet
Dodecahedron made from 30 penultimate modules (attributed to Robert Neal).

3D Silver & Purple Chinese Dragon Not rated yet
My 2nd 3D origami project. This one took a lot longer than the 7" dinosaur. This dragon is 34" long and used close to 500 triangular pieces. I used …

3D Dinosaur Not rated yet
My first attempt at 3D origami. For the purple dinosaur I used 3.5cm x 5cm gift wrapping paper...the claws, tail and horns were silver wrapping paper …

Ant Lion's Nest Not rated yet
Ant Lions Nest, same unit (30u) but different assembly. Design is attributed to Tomoko Fuse.

Star Ball Not rated yet
Star Ball designed by Tomoko Fuse made from 30 units of A4 paper.

3D Origami Minion Not rated yet
Recently i made this 3D origami minion and posted a tutorial on youtube for it:) Can you post it here on your page? Here it's the link: …

Little turtle Dodecahedron Not rated yet
Dodecahedron made from 30 double-sided concave hexagonal units (little turtle units). The design is attributed to Tomoko Fuse.

origami new tulip 16 petal Not rated yet
make two water bomb base insect second into first one and make tulip diagram after fold cut all corner that close and open all petal one by one it ready. …

curved creases Not rated yet
Artist Statement I am a self-taught paper artist who creates realistic, rectilinear and monochromatic origami architecture greeting cards. I have now …

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curved creases Not rated yet
Artist Statement I am a self-taught paper artist who creates realistic, rectilinear and monochromatic origami architecture greeting cards. I have …

Dinos to Israel Not rated yet
these 2 dinos are part of a set of 5 that I sent to Israel for and origami show curated by Paul Jackson

5 Dinos Not rated yet
These 5 pieces are on their way to the Jaffa Museum in Israel for a show curated by Paul jackson

Menger Sponge (Level 1) Not rated yet
Level 1 Menger Sponge made from Tomoko Fuse square module (72).

T-39 Paper Plane Not rated yet
T-39 Paper Plane

Sonobe Stellated Icosahedron Not rated yet
Stellated Icosahedron made from 30 Sonobe units. The model is also called Small Triambic Icosahedron. Editor's Note: Instructions to this origami …

Gyroscope Octahedron Not rated yet
Octahedron made with 6 Gyroscope Modules (attributed to Lewis Simon). Editor's Note: Gyroscope instructions can be found in the modular origami …

Mosely Snowflake Sponge Fractal (Level 3) Not rated yet
The design of this fractal is attributed to Dr. Jeannine Mosely. We used approximately 50 000 business card for this Snowflake Sponge. The final model …

WXYZ (Intersecting Planes) Not rated yet
Four Intersecting Triangles made from Tung Ken Lam's WXYZ module. Editor's note: Click here for instructions for WXYZ and other modular origami …

Jerusalem Cube Fractal (Level 1) Not rated yet
The Level 1 Jerusalem Cube is almost similar to the Menger Sponge where each face is ornated by a cross pattern. I use business card for this model.

Desert Flower Not rated yet
Pentagonal paper

Pentagonal Hassock Not rated yet
This business card polyhedron is a variant of a cuboctahedron but with a pentagonal top and bottom. The model is attributed to Valerie Vann and is made …

Spiked Icosahedron Not rated yet
This spiked icosahedron is made with Nick Robinson’s trimodules (30 modules). Editors note: Nick Robinson's trimodules can be found here . …

Gyroscope Cuboctahedron Not rated yet
Cuboctahedron made out of 12 gyroscope module. I use 9x9cm paper blocks for this model. Note from editor: The gyroscope module can be found here …

Business Card 4-Pieces Cuboctahedron Not rated yet
The design of the 4-pieces cuboctahedron unit is attributed to Valerie Vann.It is very easy to assemble and the final model is very sturdy. Editor's …

Mosely Snowflake Sponge Fractal (Level 2) Not rated yet
The design of this beautiful fractal is attributed to Dr Jeannine Mosely. I made this model with business card units. Editor's Note: Click here to …

Six Petals Flower Not rated yet
Hexagonal paper Editor's Note: More origami flowers here .

Seven Petals Flower Not rated yet
Heptagonal Paper Editor's Note: More origami flowers here

Heptagonal Box I Not rated yet
Paper size 2:1 Inspiration Shuzo Fujimoto Box

Menger Sponge (Level 2 and Level 3) Not rated yet
Level 2 & 3 Menger Sponge made out of 4x7cm business card recovered from paper scraps. The models was folded by Malagasy maths students.

Octagonal Box - Self Closing Not rated yet
Square Paper size 15x15

Hexagonal Box - Self Closing Not rated yet
Square Paper size 15x15

Dollar Bill Coat Tie Not rated yet
Coat and Tie made with two $1 bills.

Heptagonal Box Not rated yet
Paper Size 1:√2 184x260

Octagonal Box Not rated yet
2x Square paper Size 15x15 Inspiration Twist Box Shuzo Fujimoto

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Eneagonal Box Not rated yet
Paper size 2;1 26:13

Hexagonal Box I Not rated yet
1. Folding one side of the square paper into 4 parts 2. Folding the other side into 7 parts

paper airplanes Not rated yet
A few more of my paper airplane designs.

Simple Origami Bookmark Not rated yet
I folded it for myself. I used sticky notes. It probably took me ten minutes. The original designer was M. Michaels. I got the diagram from …

df Not rated yet

small hearts Not rated yet
You can find more models on youtube: or facebook:

Swan Not rated yet
You can find more models on youtube: or facebook:

3d 3petals flower Not rated yet
detail comming soon

Literary Leaf Earrings Not rated yet
Folded for sale from paper from an old book. Each earring is made from 15 leaves. The leaf is a traditional design and these earrings took me about 3 …

pegasus Not rated yet
by Dalas Dimitris

Horse Not rated yet
by Dalas Dimitris. More origami horses here

THE $2.50 PYRAMID Not rated yet
Video Instruction or Diagram Two Dollar Bill Origami . . . If I didn't invent this, I at least discovered it independently.

scorpion Not rated yet
For this simple box pleated scorpion model, I used one whole sheet of rectangular colored paper. For more of my original origami creations, visit my origami …

Crocodilo - Crocodile Not rated yet
Eis outro diagrama que eu criei, esse nem me levou muito tempo, as dobras simplesmente iam aparecendo (",) Here is another diagram that I created, this …

swallows Not rated yet
I came up with these simple origami swallows by doodling with the waterbomb base. The tails are formed by folding two flaps of the base into rabbit ears. …

Kids on a Seesaw Not rated yet
An original model that I designed based on the discovery that I could make a human figure from a small portion of paper. You can actually tilt it back …

Pinwheel Tessellation (Extended) Not rated yet
This is a model I designed after reading a small portion of Robert Lang's "Origami Design Secrets." More originals and diagrams can be found at my website: …

3D Peacock Not rated yet
Origami 3D peacock

Modular Origami Not rated yet
Five Intersecting Tetrahedra

Australia  Not rated yet
Made from rectangle 2 by 1 paper.From a jumping frog base.Purists can make this with square piece ,fold in half and away you go.if you want to learn it …

Deadalus and Icarus's flight Not rated yet
Hope you like them. Took me almost forever.

Origami Luster Not rated yet
Origami Luster Design and folded by Mohsen Moossavi zadeh

flower tato Not rated yet
I made this tato starting with the traditional star box. To learn how to fold this model, go to …

Senbazuru Ring Not rated yet
I folded all 1,000 cranes over the course of four days, and later strung them together, 40 strings of 25 cranes, and attached them to a ring. The cranes …

Tera Crystal Cube Not rated yet
The Tera Crystal Cube is made of 1,134 sheets of 2 1/8" (5.4 cm) square paper, and 1,536 sheets of 1 1/16" (2.7 cm) square paper, for a total of 2,670 …

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Stars Not rated yet
It's my own work made of 24 modules (June 24th 2012)

Beans Not rated yet
It's my own work made of 72 modules (September 2012)

Commercial & Advertising subjects Not rated yet
Our POP-UP CARDS are an Elegant and Refined article, Ideal for every occasion, Unique of its kind thanks to the original Tridimensionality. The study …

Wedding "save the date" & Invitation cards Not rated yet
Our POP-UP CARDS are an Elegant and Refined article, Ideal for every occasion, Unique of its kind thanks to the original Tridimensionality. The study …

Christmas greetings Not rated yet
Our POP-UP CARDS are an Elegant and Refined article, Ideal for every occasion, Unique of its kind thanks to the original Tridimensionality. The study …

Tennis Club & Hotels Not rated yet
Our POP-UP CARDS are an Elegant and Refined article, Ideal for every occasion, Unique of its kind thanks to the original Tridimensionality. The study …

British Cathedrals Not rated yet
Our POP-UP CARDS are an Elegant and Refined article, Ideal for every occasion, Unique of its kind thanks to the original Tridimensionality. The study …

Medieval Castles Not rated yet
Our POP-UP CARDS are an Elegant and Refined article, Ideal for every occasion, Unique of its kind thanks to the original Tridimensionality. The study …

Venetian Villas and French Chateau Not rated yet
Our POP-UP CARDS are an Elegant and Refined article, Ideal for every occasion, Unique of its kind thanks to the original Tridimensionality. The study …

Monuments of Milan, Italy Not rated yet
Our POP-UP CARDS are an Elegant and Refined article, Ideal for every occasion, Unique of its kind thanks to the original Tridimensionality. The study …

Monuments of Venice, Italy Not rated yet
Our POP-UP CARDS are an Elegant and Refined article, Ideal for every occasion, Unique of its kind thanks to the original Tridimensionality. The study …

Monuments of Rome, Italy  Not rated yet
Our POP-UP CARDS are an Elegant and Refined article, Ideal for every occasion, Unique of its kind thanks to the original Tridimensionality. The study …

Sapo acrobatico / Acrobatic frog Not rated yet
Um melhoria do tão já famoso sapo saltador, para além de saltar dá cambalhotas An improvement of the already famous as jumping frog, besides jumping he …

Homem cartaz / man sandwich board Not rated yet
Esse é um outro modelo criado por mim com um rectângulo de um folha A4 This is another model that I created with a rectangle of an A4 sheet

Envelope para 2 cd's / Cd case for 2 cd's Not rated yet
Eis uma forma fácil de arrumar CDs com uma folha A4 para CD's normais e uma A5 para mini-CDs Here's an easy way to arrange CD's with an A4 sheet for normal …

Cat Not rated yet
See more of my original origami models at and follow me also at

Baseball Cap Not rated yet
See my other cap model at

Hexagon Bowl Not rated yet
I designed this model from a hexagon-shape paper which I cut from a square sheet following the technique described in Kunihiko Kasahara's book 'The Art …

Black & White Not rated yet
Model: Columbus cubes Author: David Mitchell Book: "Origami Matematico" Model: Panda Author: Seiji Nishikawa Book: "Works of Seiji Nishikawa"

Oriental Flower Pot Not rated yet
This is an enhanced version of the classic star box, which I created by border-grafting the paper as the first step. To see more of my creations, including …

animals 3 Not rated yet
more animals

dinosaurus and other prehistoric reptiles Not rated yet
more animals

creatures Not rated yet
another mastepiece by me

Animals  Not rated yet

animals Not rated yet
another animals

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quetzalcoatlus Not rated yet
I hope you like it

other animals Not rated yet
another example of my work

Águia - Eagle Not rated yet
Mais uma de minha autoria, criada a partir do retângulo que sobra da folha A4, após fazer dela um quadrado One more of my designing, created from the …

Snake Head Puppet Not rated yet
I designed this snake a couple years back, just remembered I had it.

black spider Not rated yet

Sun Not rated yet
I made this model using the blintzed frog base. For more of my original origami models, visit my my origami blog at

Horse Not rated yet
Hi :)

Dragonfly Not rated yet
I hope you like this. Visit my origami blog at

Crab Not rated yet

Mermaid Not rated yet
This is the latest of my original origami creations which you can all see in my origami blog at

FLOWER Not rated yet

Tyrannosaurus Not rated yet
For this model, I used a blintzed bird base. To see more of my original origami creations, visit

Lion Not rated yet
Here's a lion model. The base for this is the same as that for the unicorn model which I posted in this website earlier. To see more of my original origami …

Resident evil-Umbrella corporation emblem Not rated yet
Resident evil

Unicorn Not rated yet
I created this model using 30 and 15-degree folds. You can see my other original origami models at

Spiral Flower Not rated yet
Spiral Flower from Scaffold Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 6, July 1 2001. Diagram link on the Origami Resource Center Origami Flowers page as "Spiral Flower …

Rabbit Not rated yet
This model is folded starting with a blintzed pig base. For more of my original origami models, visit my origami blog …

Wallet Not rated yet
This model I designed and folded using a 17" x 17" square cut from a gift wrapping paper has a double pocket for bills and four pockets for credit cards, …

fantastic origami art Not rated yet
my lovely paper art

Origami Rose Not rated yet
origami rose - one square uncut - wetfolded creator: evi binzinger - paper: franke and franke - handmade from india - gold / red - diagrams: no - special: …

Carabao (water buffalo) Not rated yet
The carabao or water buffalo is a familiar feature of the Philippine countryside. For more of my original origami creations, visit …

Barco à vela//Sailboat Not rated yet
Uma barco à vela... e flutua posso garanti-lo, Um modelo criado por mim a partir de um retângulo de papel! A sailing boat... and it floats can i guarantee …

Squirrel Not rated yet
This model starts with a blintzed square. For more of my original origami models, go to

Estrela cadente//Shooting star Not rated yet
Outro modelo que criei a partir de um retângulo! Another model that I created from a rectangle!

Christmas cards Not rated yet
Just to thank you for the origami site : it's really nice :) I used some instructions to make Christmas cards : …

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Crab Not rated yet
This is work in progress. Hope you like it. There's more to see in my origami blog at

Flower Basket Not rated yet
paper art. See my blog:

Lady in Gown Not rated yet
This is a simple representation of a female human figure -- a lady in gown. For this project, I employed box pleating, using in particular a 12 x 25 grid. …

Spider Not rated yet
This model was folded using the technique of box pleating. It's based on an 18 x 12 grid. To see more of my original origami designs, visit …

NEW FLOWER III Not rated yet
Hi it new flower hexagon basic flower.

New flower II Not rated yet
HI my new flower hexagon basic six petal.

Paper Peacock Not rated yet
This was done by Mithra, with the help of Tissue paper, color and gum

Dinosaur Not rated yet
I hope you like it. To see more of my original origami creations, visit

angel with hood Not rated yet
Visit my origami blog at

Buckyball-Star Not rated yet
Hi. I'm very new to Origami, but i want to send you a picture of my last work, a buckyball (C60) made of 120 units which are the same as used by the …

Puppet Kirigami Not rated yet
This my pattern kirigami.

Star Not rated yet

Lozenge Giftbox Not rated yet
Designing this lozenge giftbox with 4 rectangular sheet of paper.a3 a4.

Chair's Kirigami Not rated yet
Inspired by the chairs of wood carving.

Bat Not rated yet
I folded this model starting with the pinwheel base. More of my original origami creations in

Kirigami Not rated yet
My work

Pteranodon Not rated yet
A Pteranodon is a prehistoric reptile related to dinosaurs. I folded this model of the bird starting with the windmill base. For more details, please visit …

Neogami Origami Jewellery Not rated yet
About The Artist: Maggie Krawczyk I have always loved origami, and has been learning new folds since childhood. Having gotten bored with making countless …

cetiosaurio Not rated yet
espero que les agrade esta figura yo mismo la cree,solo tengo 12 años y creo que es un buen comienzo en el origami

Baby Dragon Not rated yet
This model is the fifth transformation of my fish base dragon model. For more details, visit my origami blog at

Geneva Box Not rated yet
Recently folded the Geneva Box using 8.5"x11" paper. I went on Hexagon/how to, wikipedia to find a real easy way to make a hexagon as a starting …

My Dragon Not rated yet
This dragon model was folded starting with a fish base and using the technique called border grafting as introduced by Robert J. Lang in his book ' Origami …

bull Not rated yet
This model was inspired by Jun Maekawa's wild boar design in his book 'Genuine Origami.' Visit my origami blog in

Migration of Dinosaurs Not rated yet
These dinosaurs were made by following the instructions in John Montroll's book

Boar Not rated yet
This model is folded using a 6" x 6" paper and starting with a kite base.

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Hippopotamus Not rated yet

Samurai Helmet Not rated yet
This is my version of the 'kabuto', o Japanese samurai helmet. The folding begins with a waterbomb base.

Modular Doll Not rated yet
Modular Doll

Parrot Not rated yet
This parrot model is folded beginning with the Japanese or third-fold pinwheel.

Mule Not rated yet
This mule model is folded starting with a waterbomb base.

Gift Box Not rated yet
This model is folded from a rectangular paper, about 6" x 10". It can also be modified to become a simple gift box without the decorative top.

Box Not rated yet
This box model starts with a bird base.

Boat Not rated yet
This boat model begins with a preliminary base.

Toucan Bird Not rated yet
This is a variation of the traditional origami bird.

Paper Bill Dove  Not rated yet
This dove model, which is small, is folded from a Philippine 20-peso bill.

Tato-Box Not rated yet
This tato model, when opened, becomes a box.

Kamizumo Not rated yet
The kamizumo is a traditional Japanese game who made its first appearance at the Edo period. The game is simple: you tap on the board to move your sumo …

Gato Not rated yet

Flor de Loto (bicolor) Not rated yet
flor de loto

Plesiosaurio Not rated yet
miren un plesiosaurio

Tulipan Not rated yet
hola soy de mexico y para que bean que igual somo buenos en el origami miren esta imagen

Tato 2 Not rated yet
My second tato model.

Envelope Not rated yet
One day, I'm gonna write my boss a letter to tell her how I feel; I don't know if it will please her but this envelope surely will.

Origami Earring Webstore Not rated yet
Visit my Origami Earring Webstore ! Handmade, unique jewelry. Free shipping.

Dish Not rated yet
This is a simple dish model, created starting with the square pinwheel letter envelope origami that I created and posted here earlier. The sides of the …

Small Box Not rated yet
This model resembles what is called the Japanese box but is folded out of a square paper rather than a rectangle. This is actually a variation of my origami …

Flô di chuvê Not rated yet
Origami modular, criado por MKrone

Paper Bill Origami Butterfly with big wings Not rated yet
This is my second model of a paper bill origami butterfly.

Sponge Menger (level2) Not rated yet
I made this Sponge Menger with business cards.

Flower Set Not rated yet
Set of flower earrings and pendant.

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Bowl: 2 variations Not rated yet
These bowl were folded out of the Japanese pinwheel model. Great as peanut bowls during parties. I call the second model 'star bowl'.

Spiral Giftbox Not rated yet
I made this spiral box. No glue used.

Butterfly Not rated yet
I made this paper money origami butterfly, while waiting for the ordered dinner meal in a restaurant.

Origami Tree Not rated yet
I drew this tree on the wall and made whole of bunch of origami models and stuck them on the tree. Done six years ago.

Whale Not rated yet
This whale or big fish model is folded starting with the pig base. Instead of leaving the fish with a straight body, I curved it by folding at an angle …

Rabbit Not rated yet
This model is easy to fold, starting with a waterbomb base. The ears are formed by following the procedure for making the bird base.

Angel Not rated yet
I folded this angle from one sheet of soft paper. Created and designed by Neal Elias

Coaster (octagon) Not rated yet
This model is made up of eight units, joined together without using paste or glue.

Small Cube Not rated yet
After learning to fold the old Japanese pinwheel model called Menko, I joined four (4) units of this out of small origami papers in different colors and …

Dodecahedron  Not rated yet
I folded this model of polyhedron from Tomoko Fuse's book Unit Polyhedron Origami . Making the units is not difficult but assembling the units is difficult. …

Dragon Not rated yet
This origami is folded out of the bird origami base.

Letter Envelope (butterfly) Not rated yet
This origami was folded out of an A4 paper. The design resembles a butterfly form.

Box Not rated yet
This origami box was folded from a rectangular paper, the standard 8.5"" x 11" art paper.

Modular Origami Not rated yet
I folded this model of modular origami from Tomoko Fuse's book Unit Polyhedron Origami . I created this model by combining two regular polyhedra. …

Flying Goose Not rated yet
This very simple and easy origami is folded out of a small square office note pad.

Eight-Pointed Star Not rated yet
This origami is done by flattening the traditional star box and making some adjustments. You may wish to compare this with the 8-pointed star in http://www.origami-instru …

Menger Sponge (level1) Not rated yet
I made this model of Menger Sponge with 72sonobe units and made this modular nanotubes with sonobe units.

Pyramide (pentahedra) Not rated yet
I made this model of pyramid . Unit is designed by Mio Tsugawa and made this model of flat origami

Airplane Not rated yet
This model was folded from a Philippine money bill, particularly a 100-peso bill.

Peace Star Not rated yet
I have been designing this star with six square sheets of paper for Christmas day.

Chain or Linked Squares Not rated yet
This chain origami is made of eight (8) small square papers, or a pair of small square papers for every link in the chain. Of course, the number of links …

Ball Not rated yet
This origami is based on a traditional or indigenous palm weaving model which I used to make during my childhood. In place of the palm leaves, I used four …

Mini or Desktop Picture Frame Not rated yet
This origami made using the famous, traditional Yakko folding technique.

Box Not rated yet
I folded this box with two rectangle paper for lid and two rectangle paper for body.

Double Leaf Ornament Not rated yet
This is a perfect ornament for Christmas! See more Christmas ornaments here .

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Vase Not rated yet
Vase made with Chinese Paper Units. Read more here .

Pegasus Not rated yet
I folded this model of a Pegasus from Robert Lang's book, Origami Design Secrets .

A Few Animals Not rated yet
Mostly bunnies but made a few other animals: lion, penguin, peacock, dinosaurs, giraffe, camel, kangaroo, swans and mouse etc. Get free origami instructions …

Iris Flowers (Purple-variety) in a Flower Pot Not rated yet
I did this for a friend at work who loved the color purple. The flower pot was decorated with glitter glue and some jewel gems. Each iris has purple …

Napkin Rose Not rated yet
This rose napkin is more of a round spiral rather than the leaf version.

Origami Horse earrings Not rated yet
I made some like these for a friend who has horses. Origami is a big hit with friends and family. More origami horse instructions here .

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