Woven Fish

This woven fish is easy to make and looks great every time. You will need two pieces of paper of contrasting colors, glue, and a pair of scissors.
  1. Get two pieces of paper of contrasting colors. Fold them in half and cut off a segment between 1" to 2" in width.
  2. Cut the segments into 3 strips. Start cutting from the folded-edge up towards the raw edge of the sheet: don't cut all the way, leave a space so that the strips remain connected.
  3. Weave the two sheets together. First, weave one strip in and out. Continue by weaving the second strip and finally, weave the third strip.
  4. Peel open the two sheets. You will get a basket-like structures. Apply glue on the inside. Press the sheets together again.
  5. When the glue is dry, cut off the uncut edges.
  6. Cut and shape the tail and fins. You're done. You can string the fish up and use it as a decoration or make it into a mobile.