Tea Bag Folding: Waterbomb Variation Fold

This is the Waterbomb Variation Fold for tea bag folding:
  1. You will need 8 pieces of square paper. Place the sheet of paper with the color side down. Fold top left corner to bottom right corner. Unfold to get a diagonal crease.

  2. Fold top right corner to bottom left corner. Unfold to get a X crease.

  3. Turn the paper over.

  4. Fold top to bottom. Unfold.

  5. Fold left to right. Unfold. Push the paper towards one another at the arrows. This will cause the paper to fold along the creases to form a mountain shape.

  6. This is a classic origami fold called Waterbomb Fold. There are four flaps: two on the left and two on the right.

  7. On the left side, fold the top flap towards the center crease. This is the Waterbomb Variation Fold. It is basically the waterbomb fold with an extra pointy-tip sticking downwards.

  8. To make the medallion, place glue on the right-side flaps. Slip another tile between the flaps that have glue. Press down to glue the two tiles together. Continue to glue the remaining tiles in a circle pattern. The pointy-tips should all be visible to give a nice pinwheel design.
Tea bag folding is a fun way to make greeting cards and decorations.