Types of Origami

Origami has expanded and evolved beyond birds and boats. There are now many types of origami. In a recent, informal survey, origami enthusiasts have come up with over "80" different types of origami. You can see the list here. In the future, we hope to organize the list so that we can have a better understanding of how the art form is evolving.

There are different ways to categorize paper folding. John Smith's Evolution of Origami sorts origami chronologically: Classical, Neo Classical, Modern, and Hyper-Modern. David Mitchell's site shows a family tree of origami design styles.

Below is a list of origami types featured in this web site. Each style of origami will produce a different genre of origami models. Click on to a branch of origami to learn more.

Action Origami

Business Card Origami

Candy Wrapper Origami

Crease Patterns

dollar bill origami shirt
Dollar Bill Origami

  ventureSwan Golden Venture Folding

Modular Origami

Origami Quilts

origami tessellation by Andy Wilson Origami Tessellations

Palm Weaving

  Pure & Pureland Origami

Strip Folding

Toilet Paper Origami

Wet Folding Origami

Origami Fringe

Tea bag Folding


Fabric Folding

Origamic Architecture


Iris Folding

Origami Themes

Origami Christmas

Red, White & Blue
  Origami Weddings

  Origami Magic & Troublewit

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