Toshie's Jewel using three Sonobe units

This delightful origami model is commonly called Toshie's Jewel (named after Toshie Takahama). It is made with three pieces of the Sonobe Unit (named after Mitsonobu Sonobe). Click here to learn how to make a Sonobe unit. Make 3 of these. It is important to notice that each Sonobe unit has two points (called tabs) and two pockets. The tabs will slide into the pockets to keep the origami units together.

1. Take two Sonobe units (blue and pink).

Slide the tab of the pink unit into the pocket of the blue unit.

2. Insert the tab of the third unit (yellow)

into the pocket of the second unit (pink).

3. Bring the tab of the first unit (blue) over top the third (yellow unit). Tuck blue tab into yellow pocket.

4. This forms a raised pyramid. Turn over. Bend the flaps forwards.

5. Close the model by tucking the loose tabs. Here, tuck the blue tab into the pink pocket.

6. Tuck the yellow tab into the blue pocket.

7. Tuck the last tab: pink tab into yellow pocket. Done!

Toshie's Jewel as a Christmas Ornament using same color paper for all 3 units.

Depending on how you folded the Sonobe units (there are many variations) the assembly can be clockwise or counter-clockwise. But the method remains the same: 3 units, tab into pocket.