Toilet Paper Origami Leaf 

origami toilet paper origami toilet paper Learn to make an elegant toilet paper origami leaf while the toilet paper is still attached to the toilet roll. This fancy design won't be found in hotels or cruise ships: you can only get it if you make it yourself. Fear not, the model is easy to fold and it takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

You don't need any special skills in order to accomplish this model.
You just need to know the basic rules:
        __ __ __ __ dashed lines mean valley fold, and
        __..__..__.. dash-dot-dot lines mean mountain fold.

toilet paper origami

toilet paper origami

For the most part, you just pleat the toilet paper back and forth along the diagonal. In step 7, be sure to fold the toilet paper under (mountain fold). It's amazing how these pleated designs are so beautiful yet so easy to fold. Please be aware that photographing toilet paper origami is somewhat difficult because the folds are white on top of a roll of white toilet paper. Contrast is low and the shadows are not intense enough to show the contours of the folds. I have tried to change the light quality and used Photoshop to emphasize the contrast. However, in a model like this one, you just have to fold in order to see it in its true glory.

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