Toilet Paper Origami Heart

origami toilet paper origami toilet paper This toilet paper origami heart looks simple to make but there is a tricky step. You need to make the folds exactly the same to get a beautifully symmetrical heart; you don't want a lopsided or skewed heart. It might take two or three tries go get the proportions just right. Give it a try, the worst thing that can happen is that you waste two squares of TP - not that bad.

toilet paper origami

toilet paper origami

  1. Make a small vertical rip along the bottom edge of the toilet paper (approx 3/4 of an inch, or 2 cm).

  2. Fold up the ripped section of the TP so you make 2 small triangles. Try to make these the same size and make sure the fold is at a 45 degree angle.

  3. Fold in the left and right corners of the TP. Make these triangles the same size as the ones made in step 2.

  4. Pull down the toilet paper quite a bit (about one and a half "squares" of TP).

  5. Valley fold the TP back up so the height of the toilet paper is about 3 inches tall.

  6. Mountain fold (fold behind) the bottom corners of the TP to make the bottom part of the heart. This part is a bit tricky because you have to make the fold without disrupting the small triangles made in step 2 & 3.

    Alternatively, you can lift the toilet paper and make valley folds as shown below:

    toilet paper origami

  7. Roll the TP up or down to center the heart on the toilet paper roll.

  8. Done!

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