Toilet Paper Origami Diamond

toilet paper origami toilet paper origami This toilet paper origami diamond is a cute and classy design which your friends and guests will appreciate. It is quite easy to make and can be accomplished in less than 5 minutes.

toilet paper origami

  1. Pull about one and a half "squares" of toilet paper down from the roll. Valley fold along the diagonal.

  2. Valley fold along the diagonal again to make a multi-layer triangle.

  3. Valley fold the triangle up so the point is pointing up.

  4. Without unraveling the folds, lift the toilet paper so it is above the toilet roll.

  5. Valley fold the two corners.

  6. Replace the toilet paper on top of the toilet roll and you're done!

  7. It's an elegant model a notch prettier than the Triangle Fold. You can also tuck in a pleated square of toilet paper to make the pleated tuck
toilet paper origami

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