Toilet Paper Origami Boat

origami toilet paper origami toilet paper Learn to make a toilet paper origami boat where the boat is still attached to the toilet paper roll. "What?" you might say, but seriously, this is a cute design which you won't want to sail down the toilet. Estimated time to complete the model = less than 5 minutes. At this rate, you can make a fleet of origami boats!

toilet paper origami

toilet paper origami

  1. Lift up approximately one and a half "squares" of toilet paper. Fold the two corners down so the edges meet at the center.

  2. Lower the toilet paper back onto the roll.

  3. Fold in the left and right edges a little. The amount you fold-in is up to personal taste. If you fold-in a lot, the sail of the boat will be narrow. If you fold-in a little, then the sail will be wide.

  4. Valley fold the bottom part of the toilet paper up so you have a triangle.

  5. Roll the toilet paper down a little so the triangle is centered.

  6. Fold up the bottom edge of the triangle. The amount of paper to fold is up to personal taste; a narrow fold will give you a shallow hull whereas a wide fold will give you a deeper hull.

  7. Mountain fold the left and right side of the hull of the boat made in the step above. This shapes the bow and stern of the sailboat.

  8. Done!

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