Toilet Paper Origami Bird

origami toilet paper origami toilet paper Learn how to convert your toilet paper into a toilet paper origami bird. If you can make a crane or a flapping bird, then this model should not be a problem. If possible, fold the TP briskly and with confidence so the paper retains freshness and does not sag from too much handling.

In order to accomplish this model, you must know how to make the
    waterbomb base (step 4),
    Squash Fold (step 6, 11),
    Petal Fold (step 16), and
    Inside Reverse Fold (step 18).
Otherwise, everything should be pretty straight forward for those who have some experience with origami.

toilet paper origami

toilet paper origami
toilet paper origami

Hint of the day: if you don't want people to rip off your TP creations, then be sure to have other rolls of toilet paper for them to use. Given a choice, your friends and guests will prefer to use a plain roll of toilet paper instead of crumpling up your creative designs.

Here's another tip of the day: don't make toilet paper origami when there is a line of people outside the bathroom door. Leave your folds for before or after the party. Everyone will love you more for your consideration.

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