The Buck Book by Anne A Johnson

the buck book by johnson There are quite a few money origami books out on the market and it's hard to choose which is the right one for you. It depends on what you are looking for:
- something fun and easy?
- a book that has many models?
- a book intended as a gift for a child?

the buck book models Here's my two cents about The Buck Book: All Sorts of Things To do With a Dollar Bill - Besides Spend It by Anne A Johnson.

I really enjoyed this book because the instructions are very clear, the models are easy to make, and most important, it is written with a friendly and fun voice. Scattered through out the book are tidbits of information regarding paper money which I found to be a nice addition.

Although the book is 80+ pages long, it only has 7 models which are:

Buffalo Bill Badge (easy)
Bow Tie (medium)
Dollar Ring (medium)
Dime-In-ring (as opposed to Diamond Ring!)
Jumping Frog (a classic model)
Elephant (getting harder to fold)
and Peacock (somewhat difficult because dollar bills are small and the paper gets thick).

All in all, I would say that I enjoyed the book. Those who are familiar with origami may find it easy - though, it is fun and it would be a joy to have it grace your bookshelf. I would definitely recommend it as a gift for a child or to a budding origami enthusiast.