Tato and Self-Closing Containers

This page is about tatos and other self-closing origami containers. Tatos are of Japanese origin: they are flat, decorative packets used to store small items such as buttons, thread, and needles.

origami box
origami tato
origami tato
origami tato
Self-Closing Origami Containers
Bodleian Box (Melisande)
Box (MV Anglada)
Closed Pentagon Box (Melisande)
Cubic Box (Gerardo)
Double Compartment Box (D Brill)
Dibs Box (Chapman-Bell)
Double Layer Box: pg 1 , 2 (J Caboblanco)
4-Leaf Tato Box (Melisande)
Geneve Tato Box: pg 1, 2 (Melisande)
Gift Box (R Glynn)
Hexagonal Twist Box (David_paperfold)
Iso-area Rect. Solid (T May)
Jasper's box: 1, 2, 3 (Jasper)
$Origami Boxes (J Beebe)
Rose Candy Box (leidygra)
StarPuff Box (I Garibi)
Temate Baku: 1, 2 (van Gelder)
Triangular Gift Box: page 1 , 2 (A Tubis)
Twist Top (Flower) Box (C Giusto)
Crease Pattern only:
Compase Rose Box (Chapman-Bell) photo
Guiness Box (Chapman-Bell) photo
Movie Reel Box (Chapman-Bell) photo
Octogonal Tato Box (Melisande)
One Piece Twist Box (AnC Christensen)
Petal Box & variation (Ekiguchi/Jaramillo)
Tato Box of NY (Chapman-Bell) photo

origami box
origami box
origami box
origami tato
origami tato

origami tato
origami tato
origami tato

Tatos & Envelope-like Packets

2x2 Envelope (Gerardo)
Butterfly Tato (M Brina)
Claudine's Ur Tato (Chapman-Bell)
*Flower Tato Blossom: 1, 2 (GM Gross)
*Flower Tato Star: 1 (GM Gross)
*Pinwheel Tato: 1, 2, 3 (GM Gross)
*Pleated Triangle: 1, 2 (GM Gross)
Pumpkin Tato (M Brina)
Spiral Data Tato (Chapman-Bell)
**Tato: pg 1, 2, 3, 4 (D Mitchell)
Trio of Tatos (T May)
Victorian Puzzle Purse (ORC)
[From *MiniGami by Gay Merrill Gross;
and **Complete Origami by David Mitchell; posted with permission.

origami tato
origami tato
origami tato
origami tato

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