Sun Catchers

Delicate yet stunning, these window decorations allow light to filter through producing a stained-glass effect without the stained-glass price. The layers of paper overlap to show hidden geometric patterns. The translucent waxed-papers are special because they resist fading by the sun. To keep the creations light and airy, only a smidgen of acid-free glue is used during assembly.

Booklet of Translucent Wax Paper

Translucent wax paper comes in a "book" of 100 sheets. The sheets are 6¼ inch squares and come in 11 colors. See colors here and here.
dark orange
light orange  
light green
dark green

You can buy one booklet of 100 sheets or a sealed pack of 5-booklets (total 500 sheets).

1 Booklet (100 sheets total)

5 Booklets (500 sheets total)

Large Sheets Translucent Wax Paper

For the connoisseur and enthusiast, these translucent wax papers also come in large size: 50 cm x 70 cm (approximately 19.5 inches x 27.5 inches). These translucent wax papers are large and heavy with a total shipping weight of 4 to 5 pounds. The papers are shipped from Europe and are not made anywhere within the USA.

When you order, the papers will be shipped in a well packed container to prevent damage. However, there may be small creases or crinkles due to overseas shipping & handling; these are unavoidable. Once purchased, there are NO RETURNS and NO EXCHANGES.

Price is $35 for the 100 sheets of paper and $20 for shipping within USA.

International shipping not available for the large sheets because they are so heavy. If you must order these papers, shipping will be close to $50. International shoppers need to Email to set up order.

Large Translucent Wax Paper

Samples of sun catchers which can be made with translucent wax papers
waldorf sun catcher
waldorf sun catcher
waldorf sun catcher

Instructions to make the sun catchers can be found in these books:
Window Stars, Making Folded Stars from Colored Papers by Thomas Berger
Magical Window Stars by Frederique Gueret
or you can buy a kit that comes with instructions, paper, and acid-free glue:
Paper Suncatchers: Make Beautiful Origami Stars for Your Windows by Christine Gross-Loh