Star Outline made from Cutting Paper

This page explains how to cut a star outline from a piece of paper. The first few steps are the same as the instructions to fold a perfect 5-pointed star.

How to Cut a Star Outline

  1. Take a 8.5" x 11" piece of paper and fold it in half.

  2. Fold in half again to mark the quarter-way point. Unfold.

  3. Bring the bottom left corner to the quarter-way mark at the right edge of the paper.

  4. Fold the bottom right corner over-top the left edge.

  5. Fold the bottom right over-top the left side one more time. You will get a pizza shape.

  6. Cut a wedge out of the bottom of the pizza shape:
    cut from bottom right up towards top left.
    If you cut a narrow wedge then you will get a star with skinny arms.
    If you cut a fat wedge, then you will get a stumpy star.

  7. Cut out the shaded region as shown.

  8. Unfold the skinny piece of paper and see an outline of a 5-pointed star.