Site Build It Review

Hi Readers, 

I just wanted to take a moment to give thanks to Site Build It, the company which I joined up with way back in 2006.  It is a web hosting company which provides me with the domain name and the hosting space which allows me to run this web site.  However, Site Build It is more than goDaddy, HostGator or any of the other web hosting services.

Site Build It is almost like 'a state of mine', or perhaps it is more like "an approach". The philosophy behind Site Build It success is "slow and steady".  Site Build It gives you a lot of support and inspiration which allows you to slowly carve your way ahead.  There's no magic sauce here, just steady work.  But it's the people, the resources, and the support that helps you keep moving ahead even if it seems as if it's not working.

I remember when I started the Origami Resource Center.  It was like a leap of faith.  I had no idea how I could possibly make money from "arts and craft" but Site Build It gave me the confidence to start, persist, and succeed.  I think if you are willing to take that leap of faith, it might work for you too.  The key is to keep at it and do what you believe in.  Do what you love and the success will come. don't do it for the money because then it becomes tiresome, you get discouraged, and then you quit.

Well, I want to thank all my viewers for their continued support and hope that this little web site has brough some joy in your life.


Origami Resource Center doing a Site Build It review.