Origami Rabbit Ear Fold

how to do origami

The origami Rabbit Ear Fold renders the paper more narrow and creates a new flap. The fold can be shown in many ways. One way is to use:
    three valley folds,
    one mountain fold,
    and three arrows.

To Make a Rabbit Ear Fold:

a) You will need a crease or some other kind of indicator to act as the "base line".
      In this example, valley fold a sheet of paper into two triangles and unfold.
  b) Bisect the left angle by folding the top left edge to the base line (fold then unfold).
  c) Repeat with right side.
  d) Re-fold the right and left sides simultaneously.
  e) Allow the extra paper to come together and form a new flap.
  f) Push the flap to one side, in this example, towards the right.
  g) Done.
  how to do origami how to do origami

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