Quilling Rose

Learn how to make a quilling rose. This project is not easy and will take a few tries before you can perfect it. But it's worth the effort because this delicate little rose is sure to please!

quilling rose

    Quilling Rose Instructions

  1. Start with a strip of paper that is is ⅜" wide and 8" long. Insert the end of the paper into a slotted quilling tool so that the tail of the paper extends towards the right. Roll the paper 2 or 3 rounds around the tool.
  2. Fold the paper 90° downwards so that it is parallel to the quilling tool.
  3. Continue to roll the strip of paper onto the quilling tool. Scroll the paper tightly around the base of the tool but allow the top flare open.
  4. Once the folded edge (made in step 2) has been rolled onto the tool, the paper should be perpendicular to the tool again. Fold the paper 90° downwards again.
  5. Continue to roll the folded paper onto the quilling tool. Keep the base tightly wound and allow the top to flare open.
  6. Repeat fold-and-roll until you have no more paper left.
  7. Remove the rose off the quilling tool and place it face down on the table. Allow the rolls to relax and re-adjust themselves.
  8. If necessary, arrange the folds until you have a nice rose. Glue the loose end onto the bottom of the rose. And you're done.