Gallery: Quilling Pictures

These quilling pictures are donated by enthusiasts.
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Quilling Butterflies by J Gee quilling butterflies

Quilling Flowers by J Gee
quilling flowers

The quilling flowers below were inspired by "Paper Quilling for the First Time". It's an amazing book with clear instructions, great photos, and lots of ideas. This book gives enough details that a beginner will find it useful and it includes advanced projects so that intermediate quillers find it engaging too. I highly recommend it - it's like candy for your eyes! Click here to see the book.. quilling flowers

More Quilling Pictures

Check out these crazy quilling characters! They were inspired by "Twirled Paper" by Jacqueline Lee. It's from Klutz and like many of the Klutz Kits, this one comes with everything you need to start quilling: a slotted quilling tool, quilling paper and lots of whimsical quilling ideas. Best of all, it gives exact details on how to make each project. Definitely a kit you should get if you have kids or if you have never quilled before and want to have FUN. Click here to see the book. quilling

The New Paper Quilling book by Molly Smith Christensen is absolutely fabulous!
Check out these darling projects. See book review here quilling