Pot of Gold pop-up card

St Patrick's Day Pop up card

This is a charming pop-up card that children can make.
Adult supervision is advised since scissors are required.

Pot of Gold pop-up card Instructions

  1. Take a piece of paper and place it in "landscape" orientation. Draw a rainbow on the top half of the page. The rainbow should be centered and fairly symmetrical. You may also draw other fun features like a pot of gold, leprechauns, shamrocks, and clovers. Download sample drawing here.

  2. Color the picture and add a message. This will be your card.

  3. Fold the card in half with the picture on the outside. Use scissors and cut along the outer edge of the rainbow. Do not cut the rainbow completely off the card.

    Note: this works best if the paper is folded such that the rainbow is exactly folded in the middle. The best way to do this is to hold the paper up to the light and align the left and right half of the rainbow so they overlap, then fold.

  4. Fold the rainbow flap down; make a good crease.

  5. Fold the rainbow flap back to its original position and open the card.

  6. Close the card again, but this time, fold it so that the picture is on the inside. Use your fingers to pull the rainbow flap so that it lies in between the folded card.

  7. The card should look like figure 7. Glue another sheet of paper onto the outside of the card. This serves as a backing to hide the rainbow hole.

  8. When you open the card, you will see a pop-up rainbow. It's a great St Patrick's Day craft! You can keep it as a pop-up card or convert it into a pop-up book by stapling on more blank sheets.