Origami Pleat Fold

pleat fold The origami pleat fold is shown with two or more parallel fold-lines and a zig-zag arrow. The fold lines alternate between valley and mountain folds.

pleat fold In the example shown, make a pleat fold by:
  1. Make one of the folds: in this example, make the valley fold at the left side of the paper. This swings the paper to the left and flips it so the back is visible.

  2. Make a valley fold where the mountain fold is indicated. This swings the paper to the right again. Because the paper was flipped front to back, a valley fold on the back side of the paper is the same as a mountain fold on the front side of the paper.

pleat fold

Origami Petal Fold Continued

Often there are multiple pleat folds together. It may be that the pleats are compressed flat in a stack. Or, the pleats are left loose and appear as a series of mountain and valley folds (shown below).