Origami Petal Fold

petal fold The petal fold is seen in origami birds and in making of the traditional iris flower. A petal fold is shown with:
    two mountain folds,
    one valley fold,
    and an arrow indicating motion. Some designers show the petal fold in multiple steps in which case, the mountain and valley folds may vary. However, when the petal fold is completed, the folds will be as indicated here.

To make a petal fold:

  1. Valley fold the bottom-left and bottom-right edges to the vertical mid-line,

  2. Valley fold the top point down,

  3. Unfold the 3 flaps back to step "a",

  4. Lift the top-layer of the model up allowing it to collapse along the creases made above. This is shown in figures e, f, and g. The valley fold made in step a will become a mountain fold.

petal fold