Tea Bag Folding: Pentagon Variation

This is the Pentagon Variation Fold:
  1. You will need 8 pieces of square paper. Start with the kite base:
    • Place the sheet of paper with the color side down. Fold left to right and unfold.
    • Fold left side and right side of the paper towards the center crease to get a tapered, kite shape.

  2. Fold the top flap down to form an inverted triangle.

  3. Fold up the tip of the triangle to form a trapezoid.

  4. Turn the trapezoid over. Told the top (wider) edge to match up with the bottom edge. The tip will stick out under the trapezoid.

  5. Turn over. This is the Pentagon Variation Fold. Repeat on the remaining 7 sheets.

  6. To make the medallion, put a dot of glue at position B and place another tile on top of the glue. Postion A goes on top of position B.

Tea bag folding is a fun way to make greeting cards and decorations.