Pencil Topper (Lamb Chop Cuffs) 

Use these instructions to make cute pencil toppers that look like lamb-chop cuffs. You can use the same pattern to make cuffs for turkey or chicken drumsticks. You will need:
- scissors, tape, a pencil,
- a piece of paper approximately 1½" x 2"

Pencil Topper (Lamb Chop Cuffs) Instructions

  1. Roll the paper in half lengthwise so that it is approximately ¾" wide and 2" long. Tape the two edges together so it looks like a tube. Avoid folding the paper flat.

  2. Use a pair of scissors to cut multiple slits down the length of the paper. Cut the rounded side and leave the taped edges uncut. Cut half way down the paper but do not cut all the way so the tube is severed into slivers.

  3. Push your fingers (or a pencil) through the ends of the tube and round-out the paper. Try to form a tube again.

  4. Place a small piece of tape on one end of the paper. Attach the paper to the top of a pencil.

  5. Tightly roll the paper onto the pencil. Secure with another piece of tape.

  6. You now have lamb chop cuffs adorning the top of your pencil! Experiment with different colors, lengths of paper, and the width of each slit. The cuffs look nicer when the cuts are made very close to one another: this gives a delicate, frilly fringe.

    Hint: if the cuffs look very flat then you can use a sharp pencil to pry open each loop. Alternatively, you can fold the paper back (away from the eraser) and make it look like flower petals.