Over-sized Origami

This Over-sized Origami page is dedicated to huge, large, big, numerous, and over-the-top origami! These include large models and models made with large number of pieces.

large origami designated for outdoor display are often made of metal so that they can withstand the brutal elements of nature such as wind, sun, and rain. Some modular origami pieces are housed in a museum, a library, or a similar indoor public space. Sadly, some models cannot find a permanent home and are dismantled after their viewing period.

origami pegasus April 2013: Kevin Box and Robert Lang have done it again. In Dallas, Texas is a giant origami pegasus titled "Hero's Horse". Note that the horizontal lines are power lines. You can see another version of this artwork at Michael Sander's blog (February 2014).

origami elephant Two life-sized origami elephants made by two amazing origami artists.

December 2013: The first elephant was made by Himanshu Agrawal. He used a sheet of paper that was 42sq feet in size and the final elephant was 13 feet tall. The instructions for the elephant was by Nick Robinson. See original photo.

March 2014: The second life-sized paper elephant was made by Sipho Mabona. He used a sheet of paper that was 50 sq feet in size and the resulting White Elephant was 10 feet tall. The instructions for the elephant was by Sipho himself. See video or read article.

5000 origami windmills

September to November 2013:

Lebanese designer, Najla El Zein created a 8-feet tall art installation with 5000 paper windmills. The windmills are attached to pipes which have wind blowing through them, the wind causes some of the windmills to spin while others remain still. The wind and sound represents memories and inspiration. Read about The Wind Portal or watch video.

oversized origami crane August 2013: Robert Lang and Kevin Box created a large sculpture of an origami paper- crane adjacent to a realistic-looking crane. The 3000 pound stainless steal structure was powder coated and then baked until ready. Watch watch video.

Kevin Box has a number of large, origami themed artwork: notable are the classic paper airplane and origami boat sculptures. His Rock, Paper, Scissors installation is also noteworthy.

fractal origami September, 2012: Engineer Jeannine Mosely and organizers of the Institute For Figuring create the Mosely Snowflake Sponge. It was made with 49,000 business cards and it represents a 3D fractal. This was a 7-month long, campus-wide project based in the University of Southern California. Read story here or try folding one yourself here.

rainbow origami June, 2012: French artist Mademoiselle Maurice, presents her work by folding hundreds or origami pieces and assembling them onto public spaces. The origami pieces are made in vibrant colors and the final installation often features geometric shapes such as triangles, hexagons, and stars. Her Rainbow Origami Installation has been seen in the streets of Paris, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. Where next mademoiselle? First seen here.

origami metal rabbit
Feb, 2012: Origami artist, David Shall, was extremely excited to see his paper origami rabbit recreated in steel and displayed near the Ashbourne exit of highway N2 (County Meath, Ireland).

The giant rabbit is 6 meters (20 feet) high and weighs over 4 tons. The metal sculpture was created by large-scale-artist, Alex Penteck. Photo from here. More photos here

origami street art Sculpture by the Sea is an outdoor exhibit featuring sculptures made by artists and displayed alongside a beachside landscape. There are several exhibits: Bondi Beach, Australia; Cotteslow Beach, Western Australia; and Aarhus, Denmark.

In March 2011, Sculpture by the Sea in Cotteslow Beach, Perth, Australia featured over 70 pieces of art. The prestigious grand prize of $15,000 was awarded to a team of four graduates from the Central Institute of Technology: Marwa Fahmy, Stephen Genovese, Elizabeth Marpole and Kate Parker. Their installation, "Lifeboat", featured 1697 waxed-paper origami-boats trailing down a hillside. It symbolized the arrival of Willem de Vlamingh, a Dutch sea-captain who explored the southwest coast of Australia in 1697.

origami street art

In April 2010, a huge crane was constructed in the desert for the annual, 3-day Coachella Music and Art Festival. The synthetic crane provided shade during the day, and it was lit up at night to guide music goers. Crane was 45-foot tall and had a 150-foot wingspan; constructed by the Crimson Collective. First seen here.

origami street art Irish artist Alex Pentek, creates large-scale public-art some of which are inspired by origami. Shown is a 8 metre long, 4.5 meter tall hedgehog (County Wexfort, Ireland) inspired by John Richardson's origami Hedgehog

Alex's origami-style, 10-storey high kangaroo is shortlisted for permanent display at Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Final decision will be made in 2010.

Note also David Shall's origami rabbit rendered 6 meters tall (20 feet) on display in a glassy patch between a stretch of highway in County Meath, Ireland. See above.

origami street art In 2008, Felipe Galindo created stained-glass windows to celebrate the magic and diversity found in the Kingsbridge district in NY (231 St train station).

Within this art installation, you can find a paper boat and an origami crane. "Magic Realism in Kingsbridge" can be seen here and here.

origami street art
In December 2008, Jeannine Mosley and hundreds of volunteers constructed a model of the Union Station (Worcester transportation building) using close to 100,000 business cards. See original building here.

etienne cliquet

French artist Etienne Cliquet, is renown for his work on origami and technology. In May 2008, he placed a huge crease pattern of a self closing box (shown above) on the lawn of Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (shown below).

This solo exhibit "Déplié International" (Crease Pattern International), was called "Glassbox, sans les murs" (Glassbox without walls). See more photos here.

etienne cliquet

These Painted Ponies were created by Kevin Box (bronze sculpturist) and Te Jui Fu (origami artists). The bronze casts can be seen in Progress Park, Paramount, CA (2006), USA and Benson Park Sculpture Garden, Loveland, Colorado, USA (2007). Photos were from nationalsculptorsguild.com (broken link).

origami street art

In November 1999, Wings for Peace created the world's largest paper crane: it was over 215 feet wide, and approximately 1750 pounds. Seattle, WA, USA. Photo from World Peace Peace Project for Children.

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