Origami Outside Reverse Fold

how to do origami

In origami, the outside reverse fold is shown with
    a valley fold line (dashed line),
    a closed (black) arrow (denotes valley fold), and
    an open (white) arrow (denotes mountain fold).

This fold allows the paper to change directions. It is commonly used in making the head of a bird or the feet of animals. It is similar to an inside reverse fold except that in the inside reverse fold, the fold is sunken into the layers of the paper; in the outside reverse fold, the fold wraps over the paper.

To make the Outside Reverse Fold:

a) Make a valley fold along the line indicated.
b) Unfold.
c) Like opening a banana, peel the layers away from one another
    and allow it to fold at the crease line.
d) Reinforce the folds by pressing firmly.

how to do origami

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