Origrafix by Studio Cochae

origrafix Origrafix is a series of origami books unlike the other books reviewed on this web site. The Origrafix books are somewhat quirky, but might be exactly what you are looking for. Bright and boldly colored, this book is great for kids who have an eye for color and abstract reasoning.

The basic idea is this: the books are composed 60 sheets of tear-out origami paper. The origami papers are pre-printed with graphics on one side and fold-lines on the back side. The designs on these sheets of paper make regular origami paper look boring.

Seemingly abstract design transforms into a origami butterfly.

If you fold along the pre-printed fold-lines, the graphics align and form complete images appropriate for the model you are making. The result is a brightly colored, patterned 3D origami model.

Geometric patterns align to form a traditional Star Box.

Depending on which book you buy, the images can be of:
    - Traditional Japanese elements,
    - Action toys, or
    - Holiday Themes. (currently out of print)
Instructions on how to fold the paper into an origami model are given on the side bar. You still need to know a little about how to read origami diagrams because the fold-lines themselves are not enough.

Flat sheet of paper folds into beautiful bird.

One great thing about these books is that the colors and graphics are stunning. Children will wonder how the segments come together and how the designs will fall onto the completed model. Images can be obvious, geometric, or abstract.


For adults who want to learn how to fold origami from crease patterns, this book might be for you. The sheets with pre-printed lines will give you a chance to practice deciphering crease patterns. The models in these graphical origami books are all "simple".

The books are 128 pages long with 20 designs in each book (3 colors/patterns per design). Approx $14 on amazon.