Origami Van

This origami van is easy to make and looks great. You can draw windows and doors on the van if you like. origami car

  1. Start with a square sheet of paper. Fold it left to right, unfold, then top to bottom, and unfold. The crease marks show the midpoints.

  2. Fold the bottom edge to the mid line. This crease line shows the quarter mark.

  3. Fold the bottom corners of the paper down as shown. These will become the wheels.

  4. Fold the top of the paper down using the mid-line crease as a guide.

  5. Fold this flap back up so that only the bottom eighth of the paper is visible. The best way to do this is to estimate the half way point of the bottom layer and fold along this line. Location of fold does not need to be exact.

  6. To make the windshield of the van, fold the top right corner down to meet the bottom edge of the paper near the "front wheel" (red dot). Location of fold does not need to be exact.

  7. Turn over and you're done!