Origami Historians

Origami historians are people who are very knowledgeable in the areas of origami, paper folding, and related aspects of the paper arts. An origami historian usually
  • has a passion for finding information,
  • travels to remote locations to see for themselves,
  • seaches for, collects, and purchase out-of-print books, and
  • actively communicates and corresponds with other paper artists...
all for the sole purpose of knowing the truth behind a tidbit of information related to paper and paper folding. Is that you? Not many of us can claim to be so devoted to the history of origami, but here are a few noteworthy souls who have dedicated many hours to preserving the historical information of paperfolding.

David Lister of England
is a founding member, Vice-President an Past President of the British Origami Society (BOS). He has been interested in the history of paper folding since 1965, but his interest in paperfolding itself has preceded this date. You can read his origami history essays in The Lister List.

Joan Sallas of Germany
has promoted the founding of the historians' society PADORE (Paperfolding Documentation and Research) in Halle (Germany) in 2004. He collects historical and bibliographic documents for the library-archive of PADORE and he concentrates on the research of the history of paperfolding in Europe, especially in German-speaking countries. You can read his essays in his self-edited origami monographic booklets and visit this site, where a short history of the art of folding napkins is presented.

Vicente Palacios of Spain

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