Origami Car, Boat, and Vehicles

This page is dedicated to origami cars and vehicles including, trucks, vans, buses, wagons, trains, rockets, and more.

On the Road: Origami Cars, Trucks, etc.

Origami Bus (origami-club.com)
Origami Car (origami-club.com)
Origami Car (origami-paper.ru)
Origami Car (C Ong)
Origami Truck (origami-club.com)
Origami Van (Orc)
3D Origami Car (origami-make.com)
Automovil: page 1 , 2 (J Caboblanco)
Bee Car/Piaggio Ape (P D'Auria)
Car (VW Bug) (C Esseltine)
Car/Coche (V Palacios)
Rat Racer,/a> (P Bailey)
Toy Car (H van Goubergen)
$Car (J Stern)
Bulldozer (P Shultz)
Dump Truck (P Shultz)
Excavator (P Shultz)
Tank (origami-paper.ru)
$Tank (C Esseltine)
Train Set (P Schulz)
Mooser's Train (E Mooser)
Motorcycle (R Aoki)
Scooter (G Sturm)
Skateboard video (Q Trollip)

origami van
origami van
dollar bill car
origami van
origami van
origami van

On the Water: Boats, Submarines, etc.

Bateau/Boat (R Loubert)
Boat (N Robinson)
Boat 2 (S Chen)
Boat 3 (S Chen)
Little Boat (R Foelker)
Canoe (AL Dupree)
Catamaran (D Petty)
Catamaran (M van Gelder)
Chinese Junk (D Petty)
Double Hull Boat (D Petty)
Life Jacket for Proactiva Open Arms
Man on Jet Ski/Hombre Sobre Moto de Agua (Willie)
Sampan (D Petty)
Simple Boat (R Katz)
Simple Sailing Boat (L Wollensack)
Simplest Sailboat (L Oppenheimer)
Speed Boat (ICU Origami Club)
Steamboat (F Grebenicek)
Steam Ship (origami-club.com)
TP Boat (Orc)
Traditional Boat "Curious George"
Traditional Boat "Inside-Out"
Traditional Sailboat (M Noguchi)
Twin Boats (page-a-day-calendar)
Viking Ship/Drakkar (mrmicawer)
Yacht (D Petty)
Yacht (origami-club.com)
$Kayak (T May)
$Sailboat (C Randall)

Origami boat
origami Life Jacket
Origami Boat
Origami boat
origami Boat
Origami boat
dollar bill kayak

In the Air: Airplanes, Spaceships, etc.

Airplanes: pg 1, 2
Balloon with Basket (M van Gelder)
Fire Balloon (R Gretter)
Helicopter (R Sabat)
Jet (CY Hung)
Lunar Lander (K Best)
3D Origami Rocket (origami-make)
Easy Origami Rocket (origami-make)
Rachel's Rocket: top, bottom (Katz)
Rocket (M Vigo)
Rocket (Choe/Rozelle)
Rocket (origami-paper.ru)
Rocket Ship (P Bailey)
Space Rocket (artegami)
The Shuttle (N Robinson)
Space Shuttle (P Bailey)
Space Shuttle (CY Hung)
Space Shuttle (N Robinson)
Space Shuttle ORION (S Sugamata)
Space Ship/Nave Espacial (traditional)
Starship Racer (P Bailey)
$Starship pg 6 (J Adams)
Star Wars & Star Trek Spaceships
Flying Saucer (W Madera)
origami airplane
origami rocket
origami rocket
dollar spaceship
dollar tie fighter

origami air balloon