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page-a-day origami calendars 2021 Page-a-Day
Page-a-day origami calendars have been around for quite a few years. They are so well received that they will likely stay with us for many years to come. These calendars have instructions for a new, easy origami model everyday. The backside of each page is patterned and the sheet can be used to fold the following day's origami. There are at least 4 different page-a-day calendars to choose from:

origami 3D Rhombic Calendar 2021 Hexagonal Twist Box Pen Holder Calendar
This Hexagonal Twist Box Pen Holder was designed by Jeremy Shafer; it is a variation of Tomoko Fuse and Shuzo Fujimoto's twist box. The pen holder was converted into a calendar by Yaacov Metzger. This model is unique in that it does divide the paper into 1/7 divisions. Folding the crease pattern is easy but collapsing the paper into the final model is a bit tricky. Be sure to watch the video to see how it is done. This model is intended for personal use; you must request permission from the creator before using it in a non-private, commercial manner.

origami 3D Rhombic Calendar 2021 Rhombic Dodecahedron Calendar
You can make a rhombic dodecahedron calendar and give it as a gift. This model was created by Nick Robinson and it is intended for personal use; you must request permission from the creator before using it in a non-private, commercial manner. The pdf files below are donated by Todd's Place. You can download more calendars from Todd's web site which allows you to create calendars in different languages, colors, fonts, and so forth. Thanks, Todd for such a great resource! origami 3D Rhombic Calendar Thanks to Roberto Gretter, you can make a stand for your calendar.

origami 3D Pentagon Calendar 2021 Dodecahedron Origami Calendar This origami dodecahedron was developed by David Brill and it's one of the easiest ways to make a regular dodecahedron. It starts with an A5 or A6 paper. Each pentagon unit is not a perfect pentagon, but it is close enough to make a nice dodecahedron. It was first converted to a calendar by Cristina Bonnet.

origami 3D Pentagon Calendar 2020 Pentagon Origami Calendar This model was originally created by Tomoko Fuse and was converted into a calendar by Sara Giarrusso and Ramin Razani. The calendar has gone through modifications along with better instructions. Diagrams are from are from Origami Deutschland.

origami multi ball  Calendar 2021 Multi-Ball Calendar
This fabulous origami ball was originally created by Michael Naughton. It was converted into an origami calendar by Ilona Täschner. The units are simple to fold and the assembly is obvious but tricky. Assembly of the units may be easier if you use 3 colors of paper (2 sheets of each color).
Ralph Jones informs us that the Multi Ball is a modified small rhombicuboctahedron, or a truncated icosidodecahedron. The modification makes some of the original squares into rectangles.

Origami Star Calendar 2021 Star Calendar
This is a modular star created by Carmen Sprung. You can make it into an origami calendar and give it as a gift. This design is for personal use; you must request permission from the creator before using it in a non-private, commercial manner. The German instructions are a little involved so give yourself plenty of time and be patient with yourself.

origami spike calendar Calendar 2021 Spike Calendar
This spikey calendar was created by Paolo Bascetta. It is visually stunning and makes a great New Year's gift. Printouts in English are below, all other languages are from the CDO web site

cube  Calendar 2021 Cube Calendar
This Cube Calendar is derived from Kunihiko Kasahara's one-sheet cube. The idea to make it into a calendar is from Ralph Jones. A cube has six faces so it can only show six months of the year; but, if you invert the cube inside out, the other six months can be shown. Thus, this calendar template needs to be printed so back and front sides superimpose: double-sided printing.
  • Instructions for collapse
  • printouts with crease pattern: here
  • printouts without crease pattern: here

cuboctahedron Calendar 2021 Cuboctahedron Calendar
This cuboctahedron origami calendar was created independently by various origami artists including Paul Jackson, Jeannine Mosely, Kenneth Kawumara, and others. This design offers 6 faces so you need to make two cuboctahedron calendars to cover the entire year. English version was created by Ralph Jones. Print out in all other languages by Paolo Bascetta and are available from CDO web site. This model is a little tricky to assemble but when done, it is very stable and can be tossed around. Fun to fold, fun to give away, and fun to play with! Origami cuboctahedron

2021 A4-Calendar
This A4 origami Calendar was created by Paolo Bascetta. It's a classic modular star. With 12 units, it's perfect as a calendar. The model has locks so it does not require glue. As often the case with modular origami, the last piece is difficult to assemble.

2021 Flexagon Calendar
Thanks for Ralph Jones, we now have two flexagon calendars. These calendars are not "origami calendar" because it involves cutting and pasting. However, they are fun and as such, are included here. Flexagons rotate to show different faces. In these diagrams, the days and months are printed on the different faces so you can use the flexagon as a year-long calendar.
  • Tetratetraflexagon Calendar is square in shape and has 4 different faces. Each face offers 3 months. Get printout here.
  • Pentahexaflexagon Calendar is six sided and has 5 possible faces. However because the months and days are written on the corners, this offers enough variations to show the entire 12-month year.
        Instructions on how to fold it here
        print out in: color   or   black & white
  • Watch this video of Sara Giarrusso's 2011 Flexicalendar being flexed and rotated.

origami calendar
origami calendar

origami pentagon Calendar 2021 Cut & Assemble Dodecahedral Calendars
Here is one more ball-like dodecahedral calendars. It is a pentagonal dodecahedra - which is to say that the face is in the shape of a pentagon. These 3D calendars require minimal folding and relies primarily on cutting and glue for assembly. Generated by O Arntzen

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