Origami Blog 2014

Origami blog 2014: cool, interesting, and noteworthy tidbits of information related to origami or paper folding:

April, 2014: To celebrate April's Fool day, Lowe's Home Improvement offers you the Dream Dog House Collection. Most pertinent is the paper crane dog house. Upon the lawn are more origami models: a rabbit, a tortoise, and a triceratops. Very clever origami enthusiasts will notice that these origami models are lifted from the internet: see the original creations here: crane, tortoise, rabbit, and triceratops.

March, 2014: To be sure, the biggest event this March is a life-sized origami elephant made from a single sheet of paper by origami artist Sipho Mabona. The project is called "White Elephant".

The paper was 50 feet x 50 feet in size and the finished elephant is over 10 feet tall (3 meters). It took over four weeks to fold. With a model this big, you will need support structures underneath to keep the paper upright. Read more here or watch video.

Please note that Himanshu Agrawal also made a life-sized origami elephant in 2013.

February, 2014: For those of you who love magic, this product (and the magician, of course) is cool in the extreme. The Origamagic (origami magic) looks like a sheet of tissue paper but when you bat it around, it folds itself into an origami crane. How does it he do it? How does it work? The answer is simple: magic!
See video here. Available in white or red from SEO Magic at a price of $26.

January, 2014: To celebrate the new year, why not light a candle? Not just any candle, but a candle shaped like the famous origami bird called Pajarita. This delightful candle was made by Cerabella. At 16 euros each, you get to chose from two sizes and 7 possible colors.

Wait, there's more. You can also get a candle in the shape of an origami boat. It floats! These are also available from Candle Design (read more).