Make an Octagon from a Square

triangle from a rectangle

Some origami models start with an octagon instead of a square sheet of paper. Below is a fairly simple method of making an octagon from a square sheet of paper.

triangle from a rectangle

Octagon from a Square Instructions

  1. Fold and unfold the paper in half horizontally and vertically. This creates four sections each with a 90° angle.

  2. Fold and unfold the paper in half, both directions, diagonally. This creates eight sections each with a 45° angle.

  3. Fold and unfold the paper again to bisect each section. Do this a total of four times to create sixteen sections each with a 22.5° angle.

  4. The crease pattern should look like a starburst with the lines converging at the center of the square.

  5. Cut or fold the four corners of the square to achieve a perfect octagon. Use the crease lines from step 3 to determine where to cut.