Noshi 2 lack of instructions

Currently, no available instructions for noshi 2.

Isao Honda's book Noshi: Classic Japanese Origami, mentions three "orthodox noshi" which are labelled A, B, C (labelled 1, 2, 3 in this web site).


The images above show the crease lines of each noshi but it does not give clear details as to how the noshi are folded. It was easy to infer the method of folding for noshi A and C (see here and here).

A systematic method of folding noshi B which gives reliable and consistent results has not been determined. Noshi B has 5 pleats which makes it difficult to fold symmetrically. As well, the finished noshi has a slight asymmetry in size and location of the pleats. It is possible that this noshi is folded by estimation or "by eye". The reader is invited to try folding the noshi wrapper with the instructions from Isao Honda's book.

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