Origami $2.50 Pyramid

dollar bill origami Learn to make a money pyramid! Not a money tree, not a pyramid scheme, but a dollar bill origami model that is the shape of a pyramid. Total cost is $2.50 because you use one $2 bill and one 50¢ coin.

For those of you old wise enough, you might realize that this model is a nod towards the 1980's game show called "The $25,000 Pyramid" hosted by Dick Clark.

This model was invented by Denny North. You can see his youtube video which includes the "$25,000 Pyramid" theme song (!) or see photo diagrams.

USA dollar bills are mostly black and white on the front side of the dollar bill and predominantly green on the back side. You can make this model with either side of the dollar bill facing up. The example shown below has the green-side facing up.

dollar bill origami
  1. Fold in half lengthwise. Unfold.
  2. Fold in half from top to bottom.
  3. Do an inside reverse fold on the top corners.
  4. dollar bill origami
  5. Fold the top-right layer to the left.
  6. Fold down the top corners so they meet at the vertical crease made in step 1.
  7. Swivel the flap back towards the right.
  8. dollar bill origami
  9. Repeat steps 4, 5, & 6 on the left side of the model.
  10. Valley fold the top layer up (make fold as high as it can go without tearing the money).
  11. Mountain fold the bottom layer so the two halves are stacked.
  12. dollar bill origami
  13. Fold up the bottom edge so they meet at the vertical crease made in step 1.
  14. Repeat step 10 with the back layer
  15. Hold the folds made in step 10 & 11 so they don't unravel. Gently pull the two halves a part. Allow center portion to expand into a pyramid shaped.
  16. dollar bill origami
  17. Mountain fold (fold under) the left and right flaps. The size of the base should be about 1 cm (3/4 inch) wide all around.
  18. dollar bill origami
  19. Slide in a 50 cents coin.
  20. dollar bill origami
  21. Fold the 4 flaps over the coin and tuck it under the pyramid. Try to make the base the same size all around
  22. Done!

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