Making Origami Christmas Decorations

by Michael LaFosse Origami Christmas Decorations LaFosse Making Origami Christmas Decorations is a pleasant, enjoyable book. The models in this book can be used to decorate greeting cards or as an ornament for a Christmas tree. There are eight models in this book - all can be made in less than 10 steps. A brief introduction of the topic is provided before origami instruction are given.

origami Christmas decorations LaFosse The first model is a simple tree suitable for decorating greeting cards or making collages. Tweaking the tree a little and adding another sheet of paper will transform the tree to an angel.

A winter boot, a candle flame, and a gift bow are all made with one sheet of paper each. The layers of the gift bow gets thick so start with thin paper such as origami paper.

The 4-pointed star and the two wreaths are made with 4 sheets, 8 sheets, and 10 sheets of paper respectively. These are examples of modular origami where more than one sheet of paper is folded in the same way and then assembled into one model. The 4-pointed star requires glue. The wreaths do not need glue, but a small dab of glue will allow the wreaths to last longer.

Summary of Making Origami Christmas Decorations

All in all, this is a solid, good book with easy models that will delight children. The book may seem simple to an adult, but it adds value as a member of the entire set.