Making Origami Birds

making Origami Birds Michael LaFosse Making Origami Birds by Michael LaFosse is a pretty basic origami book with a nice selection of origami models. There is a range of birds featured, all of them made from a single sheet of paper and 7 of the 8 models use a square sheet of paper.

making Origami Birds Michael LaFosse
Michael LaFosse provides instructions for two simple ducks. The Boat Duck (yellow) is made from a rectangular sheet of paper. LaFosse suggests other paper options such as waxed paper so that the ducks can float on water.

The penguin is sure to capture a child's imagination: first of all, penguins themselves are interesting birds since they don't fly and live exclusively in the southern hemisphere. This origami penguin can move across the table if you blow it gently.

The origami Swallow is like a paper airplane: you can launch it and it will glide across the room. The layers of paper get thick and it may be difficult for children to make the last few folds. Thin paper is recommended.

Pajarita is a classic origami model from Spain. The model is not hard to fold, but conversion of the folded paper to look like pajarita is tricky. Pajarita (which means "small bird" in Spanish) is a classic that every origami enthusiast should learn at some point in their life.

The Hooting Owl is perhaps the least satisfying model in the book. On one hand, it is a treat to have instructions to make a paper owl: and this one can be used as a bookmark too. However, the model is finicky to fold and the final model does not look very convincing.

The Macaw and the Phoenix are both clever designs, easy to fold, and look quite interesting too.

Summary of Making Origami Birds

All in all, LaFosse does another fine job in creating an easy-origami book with unique designs that will inspire young and old alike. This book is great for beginner folders and works nicely as one of a 12-volume set.