How to make Lucky Stars 

This origami lucky stars is easy and fun to make. origami star
  1. Cut a strip of paper that is of the ratio 1:13 (for example, 1" wide and 13" long). If you use standard USA 8½ x 11 paper, you can cut off a ½" strip along the 11" side of the paper and that works fine.
  2. Start at one end of the strip of paper. Wrap the paper around to form a loop.
  3. Pass the short-end of the paper into the loop to form a standard over-hand knot.
  4. Shuffle and scooch the paper along so the knot is at the far end of the paper. Press the knot down to make it flat. Be sure that the paper is pulled tight so there are no holes and gaps at the corners where the paper meets.

  5. origami star
  6. Fold the short-end of the paper towards the center of the knot. If it is too long, tear off a bit of the paper off so it does not protrude beyond the pentagon shape.
  7. Now, work with the long-end of the paper. Fold the paper up so edge A aligns flush with edge B.

  8. origami star
  9. Flip the paper over so the long-end of the paper is pointing down again.
  10. Fold the paper up so edge C aligns flush with edge D.

  11. origami star
  12. Repeat: flip the paper over so the long-end of the paper is pointing down again.
  13. Fold the paper so edge A aligns with edge B. Repeat this motion
      fold : turn-over
      fold : turn-over
      fold : turn-over
    until the paper is too short to continue. Remember to always alternate the alignment of the paper: to the left edge then to the right edge etc.

  14. origami star
  15. Tuck the end of the paper under a layer of paper. If the paper is too long, you can tear off a bit of it so it will tuck under the layer nicely.

  16. origami star
  17. Hold the pentagon along its edges as if you were holding a coin along the ridges (not on the face). Use your fingernail to push in one of the edges.

  18. origami star
  19. Rotate and push in the next edge. Repeat until all 5 sides have been pushed in: a star is born!

--> printable version of how to make lucky stars here.
--> buy Lucky Star paper (approx $3.50 for 100 strips)