Lucky Star Earrings

origami earring
These Lucky Star Earrings are easy to make and a delight to wear. You can also make a matching bracelet.

origami earring You will need:
  • two 2" head pins,
  • two earring hooks,
  • two 4 mm jump rings,
  • two Lucky Stars,
  • beads,
  • round nose pliers, and
  • wire cutter.
  • read/buy supplies here

    origami earring

    Lucky Star Earrings Instructions

  1. Fold two lucky stars. Learn how to make them here or here. Use a needle to poke a hole clear across the lucky stars.

  2. Remove the needle and thread a head pin through the holes. Thread on a few beads. The more beads you use, the longer the earring will be, it will also dangle more.

  3. Grasp the protruding wire about an eighth of an inch above the last threaded bead. Bend the wire perpendicular to the length of the earring.

  4. origami earring
  5. Wrap the wire around the tip of the pliers to form a loop. This is easier to do if you have two pliers: one plier holds the wire at the bend while the other plier grasps the wire and does the wrapping.

  6. Wrapping the wire around the base of the loop (below the loop but above the beads).

  7. Use a wire cutter to remove the excess wire. Use pliers to tidy-up: flatten and align the loop so it is even and symmetrical; pinch the cut edge of the wire so it wraps around nicely.

  8. origami earring
  9. Twist open a jump ring and hook it to the loop you just made. Note: open jump rings by twisting the two sides away from one another. No not pull them apart as this will distort their shape (details here).

  10. Add an earring hook.

  11. Use pliers to close the jump ring and you're done!

origami earring Lucky stars are very sturdy and glue is not needed to keep the model together. If you wish, you may coat the lucky stars before threading them onto the head pin. Read about sealants here.