Envelope & Letter Folds

Letter Folds
Letterfolds are the folds you make so that the contents of a letter cannot be seen. The simplest letterfold is to fold a sheet in half. A common letterfold is to fold a sheet into thirds so that it fits into a standard-size envelope. However, there are other clever ways to fold a letter to give it a touch of charm.
origami letterfolds
Basic Letterfold
Billy’s Love Letter
Box-Lock Letterfold
Daisy Letterfold
DS Letterfold
Fern Letterfold
Florentine Letterfold
Japanese Heart Letterfold
Layered Letterfold
Layered Letterfolds Variations
Letter 2 (E Binzinger)
Letter Fold (page-a-day)
Our Envelope Letterfold
Traditional Letter
Lockless Letterfold
Lockless Letter Jora
Lockless Letter Rever
Lockless Letter Zuckerhut
Lockless Pen Letterfold
Lockless Tulip & Leaf Letterfold
Lucky Letterfold
Nabil Heart
NB Letterfold
Pocketbook Letterfold
Possible European Letterfold (S Sternberg)
Quill Pen (HT Quyet)
School Teacher's Fold (D Hawk)
Sea Shell Note Card (V Juárez Quintero) Sealed with a Kiss: 1, 2, pic (S Chen)
Smiley (H Tahir)
Sweetheart Letterfold
Square Letterfold
Tree in Winter (N Robinson)
Valentine Letterfold

Envelope Folds
An envelope fold is when you take paper and fold it into an envelope. This is exactly what people did before envelopes were commercially available. Back then, people would write a letter, fold it into the shape of an envelope, and send it. The letter and the envelope was one and the same. Letterfolds and envelope folds are similar; the difference being that envelope folds tend to be more like “containers” whereas letterfolds tend to be like folded paper. origami envelopes

A4 Envelope (P Versnick)
Anchor Envelope
Bar Envelope
Box-Pleated Envelope
Butterfly Envelope
Cormetic Envelope
Crane Envelope
Envelope with Crane (M Ishibashi)
Cross Envelope (J Shafer)
Disc Envelope
Double-Lock Envelope
E-mail (S Chen)
Envelope (origami-club.com)
Envelope (JTB Molina)
Envelope (F LeVangia)
Frog Envelope
Gift Envelope
Harlequin Envelope
Hawk Envelope
Heart with Envelope (G Bubniak)
Kenton Envelope
Oblique Envelope Fold
Pepi Envelope Fold
Pepi-Love Envelope Fold
Red Envelope (S Chen)
Ribboned Envelope (L Kruskal)
Sack Envelope
Simple Envelope (S Chen)
Single-Lock Envelope
Snail Mail (S Chen)
T-Flap Envelope
Trap Envelope
Two-By-One Envelope
Two Piece Envelope (Gerardo)
Two Pocket Envelope (Gerardo)
Valentine Envelope
Valentine Envelope ( B Gargol)
Valentine Envelope (A Biernacki)
Wallet Envelope

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