Kirigami Flower

Instructions for Kirigami Flower

  1. Fold a piece of paper in half by bringing the bottom half towards the top.

  2. Fold in half again by bringing the right side towards the left side.

  3. Fold in half again by bringing the left side towards the right side. It will look like a triangle with the bottom layers extending beyond the top layers.

  4. Cut the folded paper into the shape of one petal. It will look like an ice cream cone.

  5. Unfold this paper and you will get a beautiful flower.

    Experiment by cutting off the tip of the ice cream cone. Or, try cutting slivers of paper off the edges of the petal. How does your flower grow?

Hints and Tips
  • Be extra careful when children use scissors. Paper flowers are beautiful and sometimes children become careless in their enthusiasm. As well, folded paper is thick and can be tricky to cut.
  • Cutting will be easier if you use thin paper. Check out these origami paper packs from