Easy Kirigami Decoration

kirigami cutout decoration This easy kirigami decoration is a classic. It's easy to make and fun to play with. Kids will love it. If you are ready for something a little more challenging, you can also try the hanging kirigami decoration.

Easy Kirigami Decoration Instructions

  1. Start with a rectangular sheet of paper. In this example, we used 3" x 5". Fold the paper in half lengthwise.

  2. Cut the paper along the lines as shown. First cut from top to bottom; then cut from bottom to top. Continue in this alternating manner to the end of the sheet. Be sure to cut up to the edge but do not cut the paper completely so that it falls apart into segments.

  3. Carefully unfold the cut paper.

  4. Grasp the paper at the two short ends and pull apart. This will give a cool springy cut-out. It can be a toy or you can connect lots of them end to end to make a streamer-like decoration.

kirigami cutout decoration kirigami cutout decoration Variations:
  • Use a a wider sheet of paper and fold it into 4ths (up-and-down like an accordion or fan). Cut the paper as described above to get three rows of springs.
  • Start with a square sheet of paper and make a 3-dimentional hanging decoration. See instructions here.

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