Kirigami Christmas Tree

Here are the instructions to make a kirigami christmas tree.

Kirigami Christmas Tree Instructions

  1. Fold a piece of paper in half, left to right. Cut out a small right-angle triangle near the top of the folded paper.

  2. Cut a second right-angle triangle below the first triangle. Make this triangle a little bigger than the first one.

  3. Cut a third right-angle triangle below the second triangle. Make this triangle bigger than the previous two.

  4. Leave a small space uncut and then cut out a skinny rectangle below the three of triangles.

  5. When you unfold this paper, you will see a classic Christmas tree.

  6. Put green and brown backing on it and it will be a great greeting card. If you use colored cellophane or colored tissue paper, then it can be a great window decoration. Caution: Be extra careful when children use scissors. A kirigami Christmas tree can be beautiful and sometimes children become over excited and careless.

Kid Friendly Kirigami Projects