June Projects: origami and paper arts

1. Origami Tie
2. Origami Shirt
3. Origami Sunglasses

Origami Tie
Because Father's Day is just around the corner, I usually do a few origami crafts that can double up as Father Days gifts. This origami tie can be taped onto an origami shirt (see below) or can be taped on top of a gift. It looks great and in many respects, Dads prefer a psychedelic paper tie rather than another real tie.

Origami Shirt
These origami shirts work well with the origami tie above. The first shirt is a classic origami shirt: the design can be found in many origami books and web sites. It is not hard to make, but does require that students follow directions carefully. If you use a sheet of paper that is 8.5" x 11" to make the shirt, then a tie made with a paper that is 4" square works perfectly. The second shirt is very easy, requires cutting and can be made in 4 steps:

Origami Sunglasses
Complete Dad's paper outfit by making him an origami sunglasses. You need paper (eg origami paper) that is colored on one side and white on the the side. You can't really see through these sunglasses but the are cute and easy to make.

At this point in time, the school year is over and no more projects are needed... until next school year.