Make a Hexagon from a Square

hexagon from a rectangle

Some origami models start with a hexagon instead of a square sheet of paper. In this case, you need to make the six-sided shapes before you start. This page will show you how to get a hexagon from a square. You can also make a hexagon from a rectangle.

hexagon from a rectangle

Hexagon from a Square Instructions

  1. Fold and unfold the paper into quarters as shown.

  2. Fold the top-right corner of the paper down so the corner meets the nearest crease made in step 1 (join the blue dots). Position the fold so the new crease meets the raw edge of the paper at the half-mark crease.

    Repeat with the other 3 corners: connect the dots by folding the corner to meet with the nearest, vertical crease. Unfold completely.

  3. Fold the paper in half by folding the bottom half up.

  4. The model should look like this.

  5. Repeat the above folds but with the folded edge. Fold the bottom right corner to meet with its nearest crease line. Repeat on the left side. Unfold the paper completely.

  6. You should see an outline of an irregular hexagon which is slightly too wide compared to its height. Using the intersection of the creases (shown with a dot) as a guide, fold the paper to make an outline of a regular hexagon (connect the dots vertically).

  7. Unfold and cut along the creases to get a hexagon.