Make a Hexagon from a Rectangle

hexagon from a rectangle Some origami models start with a hexagon instead of a square sheet of paper. In this case, you need to make the six-sided papers before you start. This page will show you how to get a hexagon from a rectangular sheet of paper. If you are starting with a square sheet of paper, or a rectangle that is not quite long enough, then use these instructions for cutting a hexagon from a square.

hexagon from a rectangle

Hexagon from a Rectangle

  1. Fold and unfold the rectangular sheet of paper into quarters lengthwise as shown.

  2. Fold the top-right corner of the paper down so the corner meets the top crease made in step 1 (join the dots). Position the fold so the new crease meets the raw edge of the paper at the half-mark crease. This makes a small flap of paper on the top-right.

  3. Fold-over the right side of the paper towards the left. Use the raw edge of the corner-flap as a guide to position this fold.

  4. Fold the left side of the paper towards the right. Use the edge of the flap made in step 3 as a guide for positioning this fold.

  5. Your model should look something like this; it looks a bit like a triangle. The upper most layer of paper may extend upwards a little further if your rectangle is longer than the one shown.

  6. Unfold completely. This is how the crease pattern should look like.

  7. Repeat steps 2 to 5 starting from the bottom right corner.

  8. When done, this is how the crease pattern should look like. You can see a hexagon outline on the right side of the paper. Cut along these creases to get a hexagon.