Heart with Wings

origami heart This Heart with Wings is a delightful model. It has one tricky step which involves a reverse fold but otherwise, it is not too difficult to make. If you use typical origami paper, then the wings will be white and the heart will be colored. Or, you can use double sided origami paper and then you will have the heart and the wings two different colors.

The original creator is currently unknown; however it looks like the handiwork of Francis Ow. If you know who created this fabulous model, let us know.

Heart with Wings instructions

    origami heart
  1. Start with a square sheet of paper with the white-side facing up. Fold in half and unfold in both directions (top to bottom; left to right)
  2. Fold the top-edge and bottom-edge towards the central crease.
  3. Unfold the top flap.

  4. origami heart
  5. Turn the paper around.
  6. Fold the bottom-left and bottom-right corners towards the center vertical crease.
  7. Fold the left-edge and right-edge towards the center horizontal crease.

  8. origami heart
  9. Unfold back to step 5.
  10. Fold the right-edge towards the centeral crease; fold only about 3/4 of the way down.
  11. Using the existing crease, make a reverse fold -change the mountain fold to a valley fold so the flap swings back out.

  12. origami heart
  13. Again, using existing creases, make valley folds to fold the flap back in.
  14. Note the colors of the paper and make sure yours look the same. Repeat steps 5 to 7 on the other side.
  15. Turn the model over.

  16. origami heart
  17. Fold the entire flap down.
  18. In transition: flatten the paper until it looks like 14b.
  19. Make valley folds as shown. This will splay open the bottom half of the model.

  20. origami heart
  21. Use the existing crease to fold the bottom-edge up and allow the corners to fold into triangles. It should look like 16b.
  22. Fold the top part of the model as shown. This will give the top part of the heart.

  23. origami heart
  24. Fold down the tips so the model is less pointy.
  25. To make the wings, valley fold the bottom flap 3 times to get 4 divisions.
  26. Mountain fold in between each division.

  27. origami heart
  28. Pinch the bottom half of the model to emphasize the creases made in step 19 & 20. Pleat the paper and pinch at the middle to get two halves.
  29. Turn over and you're done!

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