Heart Paper Chain

These heart paper chains are easy to make but they do require scissors so adult supervision is recommended.

Heart Paper Chain Instructions

  1. Take a peice of paper and cut it length-wise into 4 strips.

  2. Valley-fold the paper in half and unfold.

  3. Valley-fold again into quarters, and unfold.

  4. Mountain-fold each of the four sections in half. You should have 8 sections.

  5. Compress the strip of paper along the already made creases. The pleats will look like an accordion.

  6. Draw a heart shape onto the top layer of paper. Draw it such that the rounded top-part of the heart (shown with an arrow) doesn't connect with the bottom part of the heart. Cut along the line making sure that you don't cut the rounded corner of the heart (they need to remain connected to one another).

  7. Unfold and voila! A heart paper chain. Repeat with the other strips of paper and connect them together with tape.

Note: there are two possible result. The first is as shown above: four connected hearts. The other possibility is 3 connected hearts and two half-hearts at the beginning and end of the chain. Experiment a bit to determine how to position the paper to get the chain that you prefer.