Jar and Containers for Sale

heart shaped jar
star shaped container
pillow shaped box

Available for purchase: glass jar in the shape of a heart; acrylic container in the shape of a star, and frosted pillow boxes. These containers are perfect for storing Lucky Stars.

Glass Heart-Shaped Jar:
This glass jar is approx 4.5 inches tall and can hold about 65 lucky stars. The lid of the jar is a cork stopper plug. The opening is large enough to fit a standard sized Lucky Star.

This container is made of glass and is heavy, it will ship within USA only.
The jar itself is $6.50. Shipping within USA is $4 for each jar.
Price shown includes shipping.

If you live outside of USA and feel that you must purchase this jar,
then Contact Us to determine price of shipping.
International shipping is typically $9 for this item.

Price includes shipping

Acrylic Star-Shaped Container:
This plastic container is approx 4 inches across and can hold about 45 lucky stars. The container has a bottom and a lid: it is designed for horizontal (flat) storage. However, if you add a small strip of tape, you can hang the star up. It has an eye loop where you can attach a ribbon and then the container can be a hanging ornament.

Each container is $1.75. Shipping in USA is $3.25 to $4.
Price shown includes shipping.

Price includes shipping

Frosted Pillow Boxes:
This PVC pillow box is approx 5 inches long and can hold about 100 lucky stars [exact dimensions are 3 3/4" x 1 1/8" x 5 1/4"]. The box can be stored and shipped flat but can be popped open when ready to use.

Each pillow box is 40 cents. Shipping is between $1 to $2.
Price shown includes shipping.

pillow boxes

Price includes shipping