German Star (Moravian Stars)

This page shows how to make a German Star using 4 strips of paper. Although the task is not particularly hard, those who have never made one before may find it a bit confusing. But after 2 or 3 tries, you will be able to make them with your eyes closed!

The creation of a German Star (Moravian Star) can be divided into 6 parts:
    1. Make a Central Square
    2. Make a second Central Square
    3. Make 4-Points
    4. Make second set of 4-Points
    5. Make 4-Peaks
    6. Make second set of 4-Peaks.
Let's Start! german stars

Make A Central Square
  1. Start by getting 4 strips of paper with 1:24 ratio. This means paper widths and lengths should be:
Paper Width 
Minimum Length 
Final Size of Star 
    Fold the strips in half and trim the ends to make them tapered.

  1. Weave the 4 strips together as shown. Scoot the strips together to form a tight central square.

Make Second Central Square
  1. Fold in this order:
    - fold strip A down,
    - fold strip B to the right,
    - fold strip C up,
    - fold strip D to the left and weave it under strip A.

Make Four Points

  1. Fold the top-right strip behind and towards the right. Make sharp crease, 45 degree angle.

  2. Fold the same strip down so it is adjacent to its original location. Again, sharp crease at 45 degree angle.

  3. Fold this strip to the left so it lies ontop of itself.

  4. It should look like this.

  5. Grasp the point firmly so it doesn't unravel then weave the tail-end of the strip under the layer just below it.

  6. It should look like this. Rotate the paper quarter-turn, clockwise. Go back to step 4 and repeat 3 more times.

below: When completing the steps on the last strip, you will need to lift strip X out of the way in order to weave the last strip under.
german stars

german stars

Make Second Set of Four Points
  1. Flip the entire model bottom-side up and repeat steps 4 through 9.

  2. When done, it should look like this. Now you have 8 points, four will be visible, the other 4 will be under layers of paper.

Make Four Peaks
Get ready to make the 4 peaks by re-arranging the strips of paper.
  1. Moved strip A to the right to get it out of the way.

  2. Fold in this order:
    - fold strip B down,
    - fold strip C to the left,
    - fold strip D upwards,
    - lastly, fold strip A to the right more firmly.

  3. It should look like this.

  4. This next section is probably the most difficult part. If necessary, use tweezers to help grasp and pull the tapered ends of the paper.

  5. Fold the top-right strip towards the right. Make a sharp crease, 45 degrees angle.

  6. It should look like this. See below for details:

  7. a. Turn the same strip of paper around so it is pointing towards the left. b. When looping this strip of paper around, be sure not to flip it bottom-side up. Tuck the strip of paper under the adjacent layer and weave it through completely. c: If you have x-ray vision, you will see that the strip of paper comes out of the points made in part 3 and 4 above.
german stars

german stars

  1. Pull the strip all the way through. It will form a peak which is perpendicular to the points. The Moravian Star is now 3 dimensional.
  2. Rotate the model quarter turn, counter-clockwise and repeat step 15 & 16 to form 3 more peaks.

  3. When done, it should look like this

Make a Second Set of 4 Peaks
  1. Turn the model over to work on the other side.

  2. Rearrange the strips as in step 12 and 13 above.

  3. Make 4 more peaks as described in steps 15 and 16 above.

  4. Use scissors to cut excess paper.

    Your German Star is done!

Note: if you are using a strip of paper that is just barely long enough to complete a Moravian Star, then here is a useful tip: instead of folding the strips in half, offset them so one side is longer than the other. For example, instead of folding 12" into two 6" parts, fold it so that one part is 5.25" and the other side is 6.75". When you weave the 4 strips together, let the longer part be on top.

Note: both the top and bottom side of the paper strip will be visible in the final star. Thus, you should use paper that is colored on both side. You can also use different color paper strips which make a nice effect.

Note: Traditional Moravian Stars are dipped in melted paraffin and then sprinkled with glitter. This renders the stars water resistant and they can be hung outside during Christmas time.

Learn how to thread a string through the star so it can be hung up.

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The same instructions but with 4 colored strips of paper. It may be useful to some but it may useless to others! german stars
german stars